Lebanese War Widow: To be Victimized by Olmert’s “Realignment”??



Lebanese War Widow’s Home in Danger by Hillel Fendel


IDF officers arrived at the home of Maj. Ro’i Klein this week to inform his widow he had fallen in battle. In a few months, they are liable to return – to remove her from her home and destroy it.

The reason: She lives in a neighborhood in Eli, in Samaria (Yesha), that has been targeted by Peace Now – the same radical left-wing group that brought about the destruction of nine Jewish homes in Amona earlier this year.

Maj. Klein (pictured), the Deputy Commander of Golani Brigade 51, was killed on Wednesday while leading his soldiers in an attempt to take over the Hizbullah stronghold of Bint Jbeil in southern Lebanon. A massive Hizbullah ambush killed him and seven other soldiers; the evacuation of the dead and wounded took hours because of the ongoing onslaught of anti-tank missiles and other heavy gunfire.


  1. [...] Another soldier killed in the Bint Jbeil battle, Ro’i Klein, lived in a community slated for destruction by the IDF. « Expanded Ground operation for Weeks: Remains to Be Seen … « [...]

  2. [...] However, this article fails to recall and fails to inform readers that this very Ro’i Klein z”l who displayed such heroism and presence of mind during two critical occasions during the conflict, one of which cost him his life, was being threatened, with his widow and family, with similar expulsion from their home in Yishuv Eli under Olmert’s threatened “convergence” which would have expelled up to 100,000 Jews from their homes throughout Eretz Yisrael had it been carried out. [...]

  3. [...] The story of Cpt. Edan Morag, who selflessly set aside his own survival interest to run through a minefield to save his fellow wounded soldiers, exemplifies the highest levels of dedication and battlefield valor, ideals and values inculcated to IDF soldiers since Israel’s modern-day inception. These ideals and values rooted in Torah — pikuach nefesh for one’s fellow Jews. There are many other documented stories of heroism in battle during the Lebanon conflict such as the one posted to this blog after the Lebanon conflict about IDF Officers such as Roi Klein and Amihai Merhavia, as well as all of modern-day Israel’s previous wars. [...]

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