Bogus “Ceasefire”: Who’s Olmert Trying to Fool? The Jewish People??



Olmert: Proud of his ceasefire, while Sderot kids cower in unprotected classrooms.

Olmert ought to be ashamed of deceiving the Jewish people!

Israeli Government Official: “The Ceasefire Covers All Terror Activities Including the Manufacture of Rockets”, Dr. Aaron Lerner (IMRA)

Full Text:

“‘The ceasefire covers all terror activities including the manufacture of rockets’: Israeli Government Official in response to question from IMRA this morning.”

Document: PLO News Agency Report of Ceasefire Makes No Mention of Arms Smuggling or Missile Making

MUST READ Interview: PLO News Agency – Understanding Not Specific on Smuggling or Weapons Production

Hat Tip to Dr. Aaron Lerner, (IMRA)

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  1. [...] And so today, again and again we see this Talmudic adage played out; “Whoever is compassionate where he should be cruel will eventually be cruel where should be compassionate.” A couple of examples, amongst countless many which could be cited today; the government of Israel a year ago called off a military action in Gaza due to human shields in Gaza while the children of Sderot cowered in fear, either with their heads beneath their hands in a fetal-like position on the floor or under their concrete desks, because Sderot’s lack of affluence makes them low-priority citzens vs their more upscale, affluent Kfar Saba and Petah Tikva counterparts. [...]

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