Tuesday War News



Aksa Martyrs Member Killed in Ramallah

Fatah Terrorist Reportedly Killed by IDF in Jenin

Two Terrorists Killed in Gaza Explosion [Work Accident]

IAF Attacks Hamas Base Near Rafiah

Kassam Falls During Bagrut Exam

Israeli Motorist Targeted by Stone Throwers Near Hevron

IDF Arrests 20 Wanted Terrorists in Judea and Samaria

Kassam Fired at Sderot

Kassam Lands in Open Area in West Negev; No Wounded

IDF Nabs Several Palestinians in Gaza Ground Op

IDF Kills 2 Hamas Terrorists in Operation Inside Central Gaza

IAF Attacks Hamas Positions in Gaza Strip

IAF Attacks Targets in Beit Hanun Area

IDF: 7 Operatives Arrested in Nablus [Shechem

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Top Tanzim Operatives Arrested in Nablus[Includes Terrorist Whose Day Job is Senior Position in "Moderate" Security Forces]

IDF Releases Information on Captured Shechem Terrorists

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