The Jewish Nation and the Ongoing Oppression Against It By Successive Israeli Regimes and Elites




Barak of IRIS has posted two MUST-READ contrasting blog entries which clearly indicate the heights of selflessness which the Jewish nation can reach were they not strangled and oppressed by, as Barak himself puts it; “the protexia class that oppresses her.”

The story of Cpt. Edan Morag, who selflessly set aside his own survival interest to run through a minefield to save his fellow wounded soldiers, exemplifies the highest levels of dedication and battlefield valor, ideals and values inculcated to IDF soldiers since Israel’s modern-day inception. These ideals and values, whether the leftist elitists like it or not, are rooted in Torah — pikuach nefesh for one’s fellow Jews. There are many other documented stories of heroism in battle during the Lebanon conflict such as the one posted to this blog after the Lebanon conflict about IDF Officers such as Roi Klein and Amihai Merhavia, as well as stories of heroism from all of modern-day Israel’s previous wars.

Contrast the selflessness and valor of these soldiers with the cynical commutation of life sentences of 5 Islamic terrorist murders and the distinct possibility that Peres’ commutation of the murderers’ prison sentences was in “exchange for the votes of Arab MKs during the Knesset’s Presidential election.”

And one more thing. Not only are the faith-hating, oppressive protexia class Israeli leaders actively working to release and give amnesty to more and more Islamic murderers, but now they are advocating and coordinating the total let-down of Israeli guard against Islamic murderous terrorists infiltrating and travelling freely via Gaza borders and Pa controlled areas in Yehuda and Shomron across central Israel and between Gaza and the Pa controlled areas.

These comments from Dr. Aaron Lerner of IMRA on the IDF, PA “high-level” security talks in Beit El;

“IDF Brigadier General Tivon said that as long as there are no terrorist attacks and the security of the Israelis is
safeguarded, it will be possible to ease restrictions on the movement of Palestinians. ” = The terrorists will get a chance to “celebrate” Ramadan with one successful attack – but after that one security measures will be returned?

Or put another way: if you are a cynical person you should hope that at least you won’t know any of the people killed in the successful terrorist attack before security is restored?

[Yes. The above is a terrible thing to write. But the experience has been just that. Time and again Israelis have "died to please" as security measures are dropped only to be restored after their absence is - as expected - exploited.]

The oppression of the Jewish nation by the “protexia class” continues unabated. The great mystery of life asks; Is the Jewish nation, with countless documented acts of valor and heroism on the field of battle, too persecuted and oppressed by the institutional “protexia class” to be strong enough to stand up, to put it on the line, to show the same valor and heroism to perform the radical surgery necessary to make Israel the Jewish nation?

The Israel National News report below outlines crimes and court prison sentences metted out to these Islamic murderers and Peres’ lame explanations for commuting the prison terms. MB

Suspicion: Peres Paid for Arab Vote w/ Leniency to Arab Killers, by Hillel Fendel (Israel National News)

Full Text;

Hevron activists Baruch Marzel and Itamar Ben-Gvir have asked Attorney General Menachem Mazuz to investigate the motives behind President Shimon Peres’s decision to reduce the prison sentences of five Arab murderers.

Peres announced his decision Tuesday to quantify the sentences of five Israeli-Arabs from the north who brutally murdered 12-year-old Danny Katz of Haifa in 1983. The five were twice convicted of the murders, after then-Chief Justice Aharon Barak ordered a second trial in 1999 – against the opinions of two lower courts, ex-Chief Justice Meir Shamgar, and the police.

The murderers were sentenced to life in prison, which at the time was equal to a 24-year prison term; however, the sentencing judge added on another 27 years in order to prevent them from being granted parole.

Peres has now circumvented this caveat, ordering the sentences of two of them to stand at 45 years, and 30 years for the other three. They become eligible after serving two-thirds of their terms, such that the three are liable to be freed any day. The other two, who were also convicted of murdering female Israeli soldier Daphna Carmon in 1987, will be eligible for parole in 2015.

Ben-Gvir and Marzel have sent an urgent letter to the Attorney General and to State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss asking that they investigate the President’s motives in reducing the sentences.

“There is a genuine suspicion that Peres made this decision in exchange for the votes of Arab MKs during the Knesset’s Presidential election earlier this summer,” Marzel and Ben-Gvir explained. They also threatened to file an appeal with the Supreme Court if their letter is ignored.

Peres, aware of the outburst of public opposition to his decision, explained himself further. “I can understand the pain and outcry of the Katz family,” Peres said, “whose son Danny was murdered by evil men.” However, he said, Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann and a judicial committee agreed that the sentences could be commuted.

Peres explained why he, Friedmann and the committee agreed on punishments – 45 and 30 years – that were much higher than the customary life sentence at the time they were tried, which was 24 years. He said this was because of the severity of the crime. The bottom line, however, is that two of them are already eligible for parole.

Danny Katz’s body was discovered in a cave near the Arab village of Sakhnin four days after he disappeared from the vicinity of his home. He had been strangled and sodomized.


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  2. [...] Olmert and his protexia regime hide behind bogus “peace” as the rationale for their true intentions — separation from and abrogation of sovereignty of Jerusalem’s Old City, Har HaBayit, Yehuda and the Shomron at all costs, at the nation’s dire peril. [...]

  3. [...] While the modern-day protexia-class regime and system of governance DOES NOT meet the strict halachic criteria defining subversion of city via avodah zora and its resultant penalties, it surely seems to meet a criteria of subversion of Yiddishkiet, Jewishness, Jewish heritage, roots and history. [...]

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