Erev Succot War News: More Kassam Barrages from Gaza; 87 Islamic Terrorists Go Free on Monday; Kassams Found in Bethlehem; Final Ramallah Lynch Terrorist Apprehended and More



Two Rockets Fired into Sderot; None Wounded

IAF Strikes Kassam Launcher in Gaza; None Wounded in Attack

IAF Strike on Terrorists, 18 Mortar Attacks

Rocket Attack on Kibbutz

Israel to Hand Over 87 Palestinian Prisoners to PA on Monday

For recent previous posts on the 87 Islamic prisoners set to be released by the Olmert regime., click here.

Palestinian Forces Discover Two Kassams in Bethlehem

Not the first, won’t be the last! MB

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Israel Waiting for PA to Transfer Kassams [to Israel] Found in Bethlehem

IDF Says Bethlehem ‘Rockets” Were Pipe Bombs

IDF Catches Palestinian Terrorist Involved in Ramallah Lynch [of Five Years Ago]

IDF Arrests Seven Palestinian Terror Suspects [in Yehuda, Shomron]

116 Illegal Palestinian Workers Caught in Israel

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  1. [...] It now appears that according to IMRA’s Aaron Lerner and Jerusalem Post’s columnist Khaled Abu Toameh, the Sep 26, 2007 Report which this blog cited: “Palestinian forces discover two Kassams in Bethlehem” was a hoax and was possibly, probably timed to coincide with Abbas’ Washington Post interview; “A Conversation with Mahmoud Abbas.” [...]

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