Wednesday War News: Gaza Terrorists Killed, Other Terrorists Bombard Negev; Hezbollah Tools Up on Land-to-Sea Missiles; Jihad Operative Arrested, Ma’arat HaMachpela Terrorist Attack Foiled




Video: Terrorists Firing Mortars From Schoolyard

IDF Attacks Mortar Launching Cell in Northern Gaza

UPDATE: IAF Missile Hits Jihad Terrorist

Eight Mortars Hit Western Negev; None Wounded

Mortars Were Launched From Entrance to School

Terror Suspect Killed by IDF in Gaza

Four Mortars Strike Western Negev; No Wounded Reported

Gaza: Four Terrorists Killed, Six Civilians Wounded

Hezbollah Has Tripled Land-to-Sea Missiles

Terrorist Attack Prevented at Patriarchs’ Cave

IDF Arrests 16 Wanted Terrorists

IDF, Shin Bet Arrest Senior Islamic Jihad Operative in Bethlehem

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