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Wednesday War News: Israel Pumps Diesel to Gaza Power Plant as Kassams, Mortars, Infiltrations Continue; IDF Nabs 8 Terrorists, Auto, Soldiers Escape Molotov Terror Attacks, Pipe Bomb Found in Jericho

April 23rd, 2008

. Kassam Attack Strikes Sderot Home, by Hana Levi Julian (Israel National News) Israel to Pump Diesel to Gaza for Power Plant [Despite Rockets, Mortars, Infitrations and Attempted Kidnappings] Mortar Attack on Kissufim Rocket Attack on Ashkelon IDF Troops Arrest 8 Palestinians [Terrorists] Palestinians Hurl Molotov Cocktail at Israeli Car Near Nablus [Shechem]; None Hurt […]

Clinton on Iran Attack of Israel; NOT Words of Ally

April 22nd, 2008

. Commentary; During the heated campaign between Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama for the Democratic candidacy for US President, Clinton has made a number of statements specifically directed toward the Jewish vote, particularly during the run-up to Tuesday’s Pennsylvania primary. This author takes great issue with one of these statements in particular. Before the […]

Tuesday War News: IDF Offs 3 Gaza Terrorists, Gaza Terrorists Attack IDF, Kassam Lands in Eshkol Regional Council; UN Punks Out of Raid on Hezbollah Gun Runners; 20 Terrorists Nabbed, Arab Youth Arrested for Throwing Stones

April 22nd, 2008

. IDF Takes Out 3 Terrorists in Northern Gaza Terrorists Attack Soldiers Near El-Bureij [in Gaza] Kassam Rocket Lands in Eshkol Regional Council; No Injuries Reported One Child Lightly Wounded as Four Kassams Hit Southern Negev UN Men Stood Down as Hezbollah Terrorists Ran Guns IDF Arrests 20 Wanted Terrorists 14-Year-Old Palestinian Arrested on Suspicion […]

Pesach 5768: Personal Framing of Yetziyot Mitzrayim

April 21st, 2008

. by Moshe Burt Rav Chaim Zev Malinowitz spoke before Pesach saying that to truly feel Pesach, we need to put ourselves in a mindset of feeling the Yetziyot Mitzrayim as if we were there eating the Seder meal, the Korbon Pesach, the Matzah — the bread of affliction which was baked in haste because […]

Monday War News: Kassams Continue Hitting Sderot, Ashkelon, Negev, APCs Permitted to PA While One Used at Kerem Shalom; Rock Attacks, Arrests in Yesha

April 21st, 2008

. 2 Kassams Fired at Ashkelon From Gaza Strip; No Casualties Kassam Fired From Gaza Lands Near Sderot; None Wounded Kassam Rocket Explodes near [Sha'ar HaNegev] Regional Council Leader IDF Braces for More Attacks [Via APC Like Used at Kerem Shalom, Like Russian Ones Israel Permits to PA] From Gaza, by Yaakov Katz (Jerusalem Post) […]

Shabbos, Pesach War News: Dozens of Rockets, Shells From Gaza, Kerem Shalom Attack Injures 13 Soldiers and More

April 20th, 2008

. Seven [Islamic Terrorists] Killed in IAF Strikes [on Kassam Launch Cell] in Gaza Enemy Fired Dozens of Rockets, Shells Over Holiday Related reports; Two Kassam Rockets Strike Open Areas in Western Negev; None Wounded 3 Kassam Rockets Strike Open Areas in Western Negev; None Wounded 7 Rockets Land in Western Negev 13 Soldiers Hurt […]

Bibi: Abbas-Olmert Agreement Will be Voided

April 18th, 2008

. Commentary; This would certainly be a neat trick if Netanyahu, who would not void Oslo when he became Prime Minister in 1996 and who in fact handed 80% of Hevron to the PA, not to mention his vote in favor of expulsion of his Jewish brethren, finally has the moral courage and backbone to […]

Will Olmert Deep-Six Comptroller’s Ordered Testimony on Pollard?

April 18th, 2008

. Commentary; It will be interesting to observe what legal appeals shenanigans Olmert attempts to avoid compliance with the State Comptroller’s ordered testimony in the investigation of the Pollard affair. MB Lindenstrauss Issues Court Order for PM to Testify About Pollard Full Text; State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss has issued a court order against Prime Minister […]

Friday War News: Iran Smuggles to Gaza by Sea, Kassam Lands in Ashkelon, Infiltration Attempt at Crossing Foiled; Poison Terror Plot Mastermind Killed, 19 Terrorists Nabbed, Beit Omar Rock Attack

April 18th, 2008

. ‘Iran Smuggling Arms Into Gaza by Sea’, by Yaakov Katz, Herb Keinon (Jerusalem Post) Kassam Lands in Ashkelon Industrial Area; No Casualties IDF Foils Gaza Infiltration Attempt at Kerem Shalom Crossing, by Yaakov Katz (Jersalem Post) Excerpts; Shots were reportedly fired at three Palestinian gunmen who moved into the Palestinian side of the crossing. […]

Thursday War News: Negev in 2nd Day of Heavy Rocket Bombardment, Barak Resumes Gaza Fuel Shipments; Hezbollah Plans Mass Rear Attack by Israeli-Arabs; 26 PA Islamic Terrorists Nabbed, Terrorist Gunmen Killed Near Jenin

April 17th, 2008

. 2 More Kassam Rockets Land in Negev; No Injuries Reported 9 Rockets So Far This Morning, Including a Katyusha, by Hillel Fendel (Israel National News) Two Short Range Rockets Fired at Sderot Area 3 More Rockets Land in Western Negev ‘Grad’ Rocket Fired from Gaza Four Kassam Rockets Hit Israel Overnight; No Casualties or […]