Monday War News: Gaza Rocket Bombardments, Hamas Rockets Can Reach Ashdod, Kiryat Gat; Stonings, Terrorist Arrests, Pardon Terms Broken by Terrorist



2 Kassam Rockets Strike Open Area in Western Negev; None Wounded

Kassam Rocket Hits Western Negev; None Wounded

Kassam Rocket Hits Road Near Sderot; No Casualties

Diskin: Hamas Rockets Can Likely Reach Ashdod and Kiryat Gat

Gaza Rocket Explodes Outside Sderot

Explosive Device Neutralized on Gaza Fence

Israeli Car Stoned Near Tekoa; No Wounded

Rock Attack Near Ramallah

IDF Arrests Palestinians Attempting to Damage Security Barrier Near Jenin

IDF Arrests Three Wanted Terrorists

IDF Arrests Known Al-Aksa Brigade Terror Suspect in Ramallah

Terrorist [1 of 178 Pardoned] Arrested After Breaking Terms of Pardon

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