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Wednesday War News: Israeli Cars Stoned Near Ramallah, Hevron, Border Police Stoned by Arab Mob While Cuffing 2 Arab Youths, 7 Terrorists Nabbed

July 23rd, 2008

. Israeli Car Stoned Near Ramallah; None Injured Border Police Arrests Two Palestinian Youths in East Jerusalem [Police Found Bag of Bullets in Youth's Home, Other Youth Attemted to Grab Police Weapon] Jerusalem Arabs Stone Police During Arrests IDF Arrests 7 Palestinians [Terrorists] During Operations Israeli Car Stoned Near Hebron

BREAKING NEWS: Another Israeli-Arab City Employee Terrorizes Jerusalem in Bulldozer

July 22nd, 2008

. Commentary; We have no one to blame but ourselves, for “tolerating evil in the camp” while Israeli kablanim (builders) rake in windfall profits through employment of inordinately cheap Arab labor while Jewish unemployment rises. Shifra Hoffman of Victims of Arab Terror noted, regarding the non-existence of a policy of not hiring Arabs; “We hold […]

Islamic Hudna: What Irresponsible Israel Governing Mal-feasance May Wrought

July 22nd, 2008

. Commentary; As the main concerns of Ehud Olmert and his corrupt, self-aggrandizing cronies, including an entire cabinet, at least 117 members of Knesset and certain local city governments, seem to be; 1/ Maintaining their own power and power-bases at all cost 2/ Self-enrichment through any and all means of bribery, graft, corruption and strong-arming […]

Countdown to Olmert’s End as PM??

July 22nd, 2008

. Commentary; Are we finally seeing, with a majority of the Kadima council’s 180 members having voted to amend the party’s constitution allowing a primary, the final countdown to the end of Ehud Olmert’s prime ministership? Or are there yet other rabbits in the hat? And the potential Kadima successors to leadership? It is obvious […]

Tuesday War News: Gaza Work Accident in Bomb Plant; More Stonings Near Bethlehem With Arrests, 10 Terrorists Nabbed

July 22nd, 2008

. 1 [Terrorist] Dead, 2 Teens Wounded in Gaza ‘Work Accident’ Palestinians Throw Rocks at Troops South of Bethlehem; No Wounded 2 Arabs Arrested in Rock Attacks Near Bethlehem IDF Arrests 10 Palestinian Terror Suspects in… Operations

Monday War News: Molotovs, Firebombs Hurled at IDF During Shechem Terror Arrests, Arabs Toss Rocks at Autos, Bus in Hevron-Har Hevron, Bodies Found in Taxi Near Tsfat

July 21st, 2008

. Palestinians Throw Molotov Cocktails at Troops in Nablus [Shechem]; No Wounded IDF Arrests Hamas Woman Legislator in Shechem Arabs [Stone] Damage 2 Cars on Okef Husan Road [West of Bethlehem] IDF Troops Arrest 18 Palestinians in Nablus [Shechem] Terrorists [in Shechem] Hurl Firebombs at Soldiers Furing Arrests Bodies of Man, Woman in Their 40s […]

Shabbos, Sunday War News: Will Hamas, Hezbollah Get Nukes From Iran?; 2 Terrorists Nabbed, Terrorist Killed ID’ed as Hamas “Charity” Head, IDF Kills Drug Smuggling Arab

July 20th, 2008

. Nuclear Weapons for Hamas and Hezbollah [From Iran]? IDF Arrests 2 PA [Terrorist] Fugitives [in Hebron, Shechem] IDF: Terrorist Killed on July 7 Was Head of Hamas Charity Foundation IDF Kills Drug Smuggler on Syrian Border

Parsha Matos 5768: (Revisited) Remaining “In Peace” During a War of Survival

July 19th, 2008

. by, Moshe Burt In Parsha Matos, Sh’vatim Gad and Reuven approached Moshe Rabbeinu regarding their desire to graze their flocks and settle their families on the East side of the Yarden. To this, Moshe Rabbeinu replied, “Shall your brothers go off to war, and shall you sit here?” (Sefer Bamidbar, Perek 32, posuk 6) […]

Friday War News: “Israeli-Arab” Al-Qaeda Cell Nabbed, 13 Terrorists Nabbed Near Shechem

July 18th, 2008

. IDF Arrests 13 Wanted Terrorists in Shechem Area Israeli Arab Arrested on Suspicion of Planning to Kill Bush, by Yaakov Katz (Jerusalem Post) Excerpts; Four Israeli Arabs from east Jerusalem and two from Nazareth have been indicted for allegedly setting up an Al-Qaida cell in the capital and offering their services to Global Jihad […]

Learning From The Teflon PM: Deception on Cost of Livni’s Trip

July 18th, 2008

. Commentary; Amidst the various and myriad corruption, graft and influence-peddling scandal accusations against prime minister Ehud Olmert, including cash-stuffed envelopes, $4,000 a night hotel-rooms allegedly paid for by wealthy American financiers and more; it appears that Kadima’s leadership heir-apparent, who presents herself as Ms. Politically Clean, may have taken a corrupt leaf from her […]