Tuesday War News: 23 Chayalim Injured, 12 Still Hospitalized After Kikar Tzahal Terror Attack, IDF Nabs Terrorists, Terrorist Slain Attempting Attack on Yitzhar Was Previous Attacker, Soldier Acid Victim Loses Eye




UPDATES on Monday Night’s Terror Auto Attack;

Meanwhile, evil politicians make deals while Jews are injured and maimed.

Twenty-Three Soldiers Hurt in Arab Terror Attack in Jerusalem, by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu (Israel National News)

12 Wounded Still in Hospital After Kikar Tzahal Terror Attack

Other War News;

IDF Arrests Seven Terror Suspects

Testing Confirms: Slain Terrorist was Yitzhar Attacker [in 1st Attack on Yitzhar]

IDF Soldier Attacked [With Acid] at Checkpoint Loses an Eye

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