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Parsha Noach 5769: Compromising Principles for “Larger Cheshbonot”

October 31st, 2008

. by Moshe Burt There is a Midrash Says at the end of Parsha Breish’t which is prelude to No’ach and the Mabul. It speaks about Hashem, as it were, Bemoaning His Making of man. The Melachim say to Hashem that they would do far better than man and would sanctify Hashem’s Name. So they […]

Young Soldiers Hoodwinked by Superiors to Guard During Federman Farm Pogrom

October 29th, 2008

. Commentary; Israel National News is reporting; … That yeshiva students in the Givati Brigade took part in the military operation to destroy the Federman-Tor farm and homes three nights ago? … Senior security commanders lied to them and told them they were participating in a mission to help catch a terrorist. Basically, IDF senior […]

Yassamnik Attack on Federman Home, Temple Institute Director Arrested

October 29th, 2008

. Commentary; The two news stories noted in the title of this piece may seem disparate on the surface, but they are paradigm in the systemic attempt of the Regime; the entrenched leftist, post-Zionist, political protexia, institutions and media pundits to foist and impose a credo of the “New Jew” on the masses of Israelis. […]

Tuesday, Wednesday War News: Contraban Fatigues Found with Supplies for Gaza; Arab Gunman Killed, 19 Terrorists Nabbed, Rock and Firebomb Attacks

October 29th, 2008

. Uniforms to be Used in Terror Attack Caught [Hidden in Truck with "Humanitarian Supplies"] En route to Gaza, by Yaakov Katz (Jerusalem Post) ‘IDF Troops Kill Gunman Near Jenin’ IDF Arrests 11 Terror Suspects [in Shechem, Near Ramallah] Cars Damaged in Rock Attacks Rock Attacks in Judea, Samaria [Near Bethlehem, Ramallah] Border Police Stop […]

Recent War News: Attempt to Kidnap Soldiers at Gaza Border, Pipe Bomb Near Carmiel; Rock and Stabbing Attacks, 10 Terrorists Nabbed, Terrorists Attack Soldiers, Police

October 27th, 2008

. [Hamas] Attempt to Kidnap Israeli Soldiers [at Gaza Border] Disclosed Excerpt; “… Plan, as described to the Shabak interrogators, was to draw Israeli soldiers towards the Gaza-Israel border in the framework of a drugs deal.” Pipe Bomb Thrown at Home [Near Carmiel] Rock Attack near Ramallah IDF Arrests Seven Terrorists in Shechem, and Ramallah […]

Parsha No’ach 5769: No’ach and Avraham Avinu; Their Generations and Ours

October 24th, 2008

. by Moshe Burt We read in our parsha that “These are the generations of No’ach: No’ach was a righteous man and perfect in his generations, and No’ach walked with G’d.” (Sefer Breish’t, Perek 6, posuk 9.) The Imrei Shefer comments on the Midrash regarding the words; “These are the generations of No’ach …” that […]

Simchat Torah, Wednesday, Thursday War News: Kassam Attack on West Negev; Arab Stabs & Kills Elderly Civilian in Gilo, Wounds Cop, 14 Terrorists Nabbed, Rock and Molotov Attacks, Beduin Rock Throwers Ambushed by Police

October 23rd, 2008

. Livni Coalition Extension Countdown at 11 Days to New Elections Kassam Attack on Western Negev, No Injuries Arab Kills Elderly Civilian, Wounds Cop in Jerusalem [in Gilo] Related report; Gilo Terrorist was Arrested Two Months Ago Soldiers Arrest 12 Wanted Terrorists Arab with Knife Arrested in Hevron Police Ambush Nabs Bedouin Rock Throwers Arabs […]

Parsha Breish’t 5769: New Beginnings; Lessons for the Jews

October 23rd, 2008

. By Moshe Burt Somehow, not being rabbinic or a Talmud Chacham, it has always seemed difficult to put a true and deep meaning of Hashem’s creation to words. In Hashem’s expression of creation; “Breish’t, Bora, Kelokim.” (“In the beginning, Hashem created the heavens and the earth”, Sefer Breish’t, Perek 1, posuk 1) Torah surely […]

Simchat Torah 5769: The Torah’s Completion and Continuance

October 19th, 2008

. by Moshe Burt After all of the Simchat Beit HaShoevot, after we daven for sufficient rain to raise our crops and to provide sufficient drinking water and after we daven for the 7O nations, Hashem asks his people, his most-favored nation to remain one more day, just we and HaKadosh Borchu — a private […]

Sunday War News: Stonings, Molotovs and Injuries; Terrorist, Sheep Rustlers Nabbed; Soldier Attacked, Wounded and Weapon Stolen in Infiltration at Tzrifin Base

October 19th, 2008

. Molotov Cocktail Thrown at Israeli Civilian Near Beit El; No Casualties Firebomb Attacks in Samaria [South of Shechem] Terrorists Throw Firebombs and Rocks [Near Bethlehem] IDF Arrests Terror Suspect [in Hevron] Assailants Attack IDF Soldier on [Tzrifin] Base, Steal His Weapon Police Chase Down, Arrest Arab Sheep Rustlers [With 60 Sheep Stolen from Jews] […]