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Parsha Vayigash 5769: Jewish Unity, Still As Elusive As Ever

December 27th, 2008

. by Moshe Burt Parsha Mikeitz records the whole affair between Yosef and the brothers when they came to Mitzrayim to buy food and were accused by the Viceroy of being spies. We learned how after hearing their story and family history, Yosef demanded that they bring their youngest brother to him and incarcerated Shimon […]

Israel Launches “Cast Lead” Operation Against Terror Infrastructure, Weapons

December 27th, 2008

. Commentary; Israel has apparently launched a major operation, dubbed “Cast Lead”, against terror in Gaza. President Shimon Peres has announced that “measures will not include invasion” but Defense Minister Ehud Barak notes; “it won’t be easy and it won’t be short.” Over 200 were killed and over 300 wounded in today’s initial strikes targeting […]

Friday War News: 25 Mortar Shells Pound South as Barak Opens Gaza Crossings, 10s of Thousands of Rockets With 40km Range; Roadside Bomb Found in Central Israel; IDF Nabs Terrorist in Abu Dis

December 26th, 2008

. 25 Mortar Shells Pound South as IDF Poises for Limited [??#@*??] Gaza Op, by Herb Keinon and Yaakov Katz (Jerusalem Post) Popular Resistance Committees Spokesman: Tens of Thousands of Rockets in Gaza – Range Over 40 Kilometers, by Dr. Aaron Lerner (IMRA) [Barak Decides:] Gaza Crossings Open Friday Gaza Crossings Open [Under International Pressure] […]

The Puzzlement About Israelis and Chanukah

December 26th, 2008

. by Moshe Burt On Thursday, this blog commented on a Ynet opinion piece entitled “We Lost Our Killer Instinct.” The piece dealt with what many have perceived for some time; How Israelis have become more “I”, “me”, individual-oriented and how this orientation change relates to an IDF basically controlled by the Attorney-General and the […]

Has the IDF Lost its Instincts of Yesteryear?

December 25th, 2008

. Commentary; It used to be that the spirit, the credo of the IDF was unity, was “follow-me” commanders and command structure, was the collective security of the nation — in all of its regions and sectors. It used to be that the pain felt in the Negev, in Galil, in Jerusalem was felt in […]

Thursday War News UPDATE: More Rockets, Mortars Near Ashkelon, Yad Mordechai, Kfar Aza, Sha’ar Hanegev as Kiryat Gat Prepares for Attack; Lebanese Army Defuses 7 Katyushas Aimed at Israel

December 25th, 2008

. LAF Reportedly Defuses Seven Katyusha Rockets Aimed at Israel Rocket Explodes Near Ashkelon, No Injuries Kassam Lands Near Ashkelon Beach Kiryat Gat Gets Geared for Gaza Attack Rocket Explodes Near Yad Mordechai, No Injuries Rocket Attack on Kfar Aza, No Injuries Kassam Rocket Lands Near Sha’ar Hanegev Kibbutz; None Hurt Mortar Shells Fired by […]

Wednesday War News Update: Over 60 Rockets, Mortars Bombard Ashkelon, West Negev, Islamic Sniper Fire at IDF at Nir-Oz, Security Cabinet Brands 35 Terrorist Groups — Banks Beware; Bus Stoned Near Bethlehem

December 24th, 2008

. Rocket Attacks Continue to Strike Negev [2 Rockets] Attacks on South Continue as 2 More Kassams Hit West Negev [Over 60 Rockets, Mortars Fired at Ashkelon, Western Negev Thru Wednesday] Arabs Fire Towards IDF Troops at Nir-Oz Security Cabinet Decision on Declaring 35 Terrorist Organizations [Step Taken Against Financing of Terrorism] Five Mortar Shells […]

Bibi’s Tzomet Ploy Apparently Failed; Eitam Next in Attempt to Push Feiglin Down?

December 24th, 2008

. Commentary; Readers may wonder why this blog has stuck pretty much to three topics in recent days; Bibi, Likud and Feiglin, Jonathan Pollard and the daily Gaza (and Yehuda, Shomron) war news. The reason is basically because these three issues most closely focus in on the ongoing political/spiritual (or lack thereof) war between the […]

Wednesday War News: Waves of Kassams, Mortars Rain on South, Security Cabinet Meets, Plans Cancelled to Open Gaza Crossings; IDF Nabs 5 Terrorists

December 24th, 2008

. Security Cabinet Meeting About Rocket Fire [40 Rockets, Mortars Launched Wednesday -- What Will Cabinet Do? Probably Nothing!] Emergency Level Raised [Result of Kassam Bombardment] Third Wave of Kassam Rockets [Launched Towards Ashkelon] Second Wave of Kassams [at Ashkelon, Netivot and Sderot; Four Rockets Landed] Kassam Barrage on Negev [Kassams in Ashkelon Fell in […]

Reminder: 28 Days and Counting — Call White House for Jonathan Pollard!

December 23rd, 2008

. The White House numbers; In the US 202-456-1111 In Israel 077-566-4305 Commentary; President Bush officially leaves office and turns the mantle of the US Presidency over to Barrack Hussein Obama on the 21th of January. In the meantime, efforts aimed at Presidential clemency are being redoubled on Jonathan Pollard’s behalf. Please note: The legal […]