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Parsha Mishpatim 5769 — Setting Jewish Standards of Honesty, Principle and Unity

February 14th, 2009

. by, Moshe Burt Parsha Yithro concludes with the high moment to date in world history; The Asseret HaDibrot (The 10 Statements) on the 6th day of the month of Sivan. How does it transpire that Yithro, Moshe Rabbeinu’s Father-in-Law, a former member of Pharaoh’s ruling circle, one who had tried every avodah zora before […]

Friday War News: Gaza Rocket Attacks Continue, Stolen Israeli Aid — Empty Medicine Bottles Made Explosives, Thrown at IDF, Olmert Spokeman: Schalit or No Gaza Crossings; Stonings Near Jenin, Explosive Seized Near Bethlehem, 2 Terrorists Nabbed near Shechem

February 13th, 2009

. Commentary: Will Olmert and Livni get away with imposing a “deal” on the new Israeli government including release of 1,000 terrorists, to return to kill and maim more Jews, in exchange for Gilad Schalit? Meanwhile, “Dumb and Dumber” keep talking appeasement of terror as the violations mount to the current “ceasefire.” MB Two Kassams […]

Official Vote Result, or “The Right-Wing Won but Likud Lost”

February 13th, 2009

. Commentary: The soldiers, diplomatic corp., etc. votes, counted last on Thursday and previously thought to alter the Knesset seat distribution, was added to the to the other 99% of the vote and turned out to be inconsequential to the outcome. The quote above, included in the headline; “The Right-Wing won but Likud lost” is […]

Thursday War News: Another Gaza Mortar Violates Ceasefire; Firebomb, Rocks Pelt Jews in Yesha, 20 Terrorists Nabbed

February 13th, 2009

. Mortar Shell Fired From Gaza Hits Eshkol Region, None Hurt Firebomb Attack in Beitar-Illit Israeli Lightly Wounded by Palestinian Rock-Throwers [Southwest of Kalkilya] Israeli Car Pelted With Stones Near Hebron; None Wounded Several Cars Damaged in Hebron Stone-Throwing Soldiers Arrest 20 Wanted Terrorists [in Ramallah, North of Jerusalem, in Bethlehem and next to Efrat]

Election Results UPDATE: Kadima Clings to 1 Seat Lead; Do IDF Votes Hold Victory Margin?

February 11th, 2009

. Commentary: With over 99% of the vote counted on Wednesday, Kadima still clings to a slender 1 Knesset seat lead over the Likud as the real results seem to closely relate to the exit poll data . The nearly completed actual results showed that the Arab parties gained 1 seat to total 11 while […]

Exit Polls: Kadima Holds Slim Lead, Likud Closing-In on Real Count

February 11th, 2009

. Commentary: Israel’s polls closed at 10:00 PM and the major Israeli media exit polls [here, here and here] and initial election returns showed Tzipi Livni and Kadima with a slim 2 Knesset seat lead over the Likud and its party leader Binyamin Netanyahu. These exit polls indicate that Kadima won 28-30 Knesset seats while […]

Monday War News: IAF Retaliates for Sunday’s Rockets on South, Humanitarian Aid Continues Despite Rocket Attacks, IDF Explodes Bombs Found Near Hevron, Molotovs Thrown at Cars, Buses, 5 Terrorists, 93 Illegals Nabbed

February 9th, 2009

. IDF Bombs Hamas Police Station [Other Targets] after Rocket Attacks, by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu (Israel National News) Excerpts: “Israel Air Force F-16 planes strafed two Hamas terrorist positions, including a police station, in Khan Yunis in south-central Gaza, in the pre-dawn hours Monday. No injuries were reported, but the targets sustained damage.” Humanitarian Aid […]

Parsha Yithro 5769: What Brought Yithro to B’nai Yisrael?

February 8th, 2009

. by Moshe Burt We learn that when Yithro had heard all that Hashem did for B’nai Yisrael, he left Midian with Tzippora and Moshe’s two sons and went to join with the Jews. We are not absolutely certain as to whether any one specific event Yithro heard boosted him to circumcise himself and to […]

Friday War News: Ceasefire Violations — 2 Kassams Hit South Israel, Weapons Tunnels Continue to Operate in Gaza; 8 Terrorists Nabbed

February 6th, 2009

. Terrorists Launch Second Kassam of the Morning [Hitting Ashkelon Coast Region -- No Injuries in Either Attack] Weapons Tunnels Continue to Operate Deep Underground Terrorists Fire on Negev [Hitting Shaar HaNegev Region] IDF Arrests 8 Suspected Terrorists [in Jenin, Shechem and Ramallah Districts Overnight]

Aish HaTorah Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Noah Weinberg Passes Away

February 6th, 2009

. Commentary: Rabbi Noah Weinberg, the founder and Rosh Yeshiva of the internationally known Aish HaTorah Yeshiva was niftar Thursday morning in his Jerusalem home at age 79. The website reports that R’ Weinberg z”l was recently diagnosed with a serious illness: Update: December 24, 2008 After undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments in Israel […]