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Parsha Vayikra 5769: The Motivations Separating True Leaders From Frauds

March 21st, 2009

. By Moshe Burt The first word of our parsha; Vayikra begs discussion of why the small “aleph” in Vayikra, and tells much about Moshe Rabbeinu’s level of principle, integrity and his standard of leadership of B’nei Yisrael. We are told how Hashem, Kav’yochal, would call gently, affectionately “Moshe, Moshe” in a voice for Moshe […]

Ramon: Terrorist Prisoner Demands = Ultimatum for Israeli Capitulation

March 20th, 2009

. Commentary: Here’s anoutrage which should NOT pass from the Jewish scene unnoticed. The Daily Alert, prepared by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, posts that according to Minister Haim Ramon; Hamas prisoner demands constitute an ultimatum for Israeli surrender in a translation of a Voice of Israel Radio-Hebrew report: Israeli Minister Haim Ramon, a […]

Senior Security Official Gilad: “Hamas, Hezbollah Can’t be Trusted” — Anything New Under the Sun?

March 18th, 2009

. Commentary: How long will the Jewish people tolerate this vicious cycle of repetition? What is new in Amos Gilad’s comments that we do not already know and which we have not heard adnausium countless times before? Didn’t we know that Hamas can’t be trusted before Operation Cast Lead? Didn’t we know Hezbollah’s shtick before […]

Monday Night, Tuesday War News: Gaza Rocket Attack on Eshkol Region; Explosion in Herzliya Via Concealed Explosive Device — Terrorists?, Rock and Molotov Attacks in Yesha, 16 Terrorists Nabbed, Police Foil Terror Hit-and-Run

March 17th, 2009

. Kassam Attack on Eshkol Region Explosion in Herzliyah, No Injuries [Detonation of Concealed Explosive Device] IDF Arrested 16 [Terrorists] Suspects [Near Ramallah, Silwad, Near Hevron] Molotov Hurled at Israeli Vehicle near Kalkilya Police Shoot Terrorists who Tried to Run Them Over [in the Southern Hevron Hills] Rock Attacks Near Carmei-Tzur [Next to Ofakim Junction] […]

Shabbos, Sunday War News: 5-6 Terror Rockets Launched on South Israel; Regime Admits to UPI — Terrorist Arsenal of 50,000 Rockets and No Defense; Terrorists Nabbed Pistol and Knifes, Arab Thief Killed by Police in Jerusalem

March 15th, 2009

. Commentary: Could there be a connection between Israel’s weak, lame or non-existent responses to continued Gaza rocket fire and the combined arsenal of nearly 50,000 rockets possessed by Hamas and Hezbollah and Israel’s lack of an anti-rocket defense system? Could it be that this immense arsenal is mainly the result of smuggled materials which […]

Parshiyot Vayakhel, Pekudei: Leadership, Accountability and Transparency, Paradigm for National Unity

March 14th, 2009

. by Moshe Burt The terms leadership, accountability and transparency have often been bandied about in contemporary Medinat Yisrael where dedication, diligence and overiding concern for the welfare of the Kahal have often been wanting as compared with the influence, enrichment, protexia and political agendization of the few, the priviledged, the elitists. Our Parsha Vayakhel […]

Friday War News: At Least 5 Terror Rockets Hit South Israel — No Response, Verbal or Otherwise; IDF Nabs 3 Terrorists, PA Releases 45 Hamas, Shooting, Firebombing and Stoning Attacks

March 13th, 2009

. Two More Rockets Fall on Eshkol Region [Between 10 and 11 AM] Rocket Attack on Eshkol Area [Friday AM] Kassam Attack on Shaar Hanegev Rocket Fired From Gaza Hits Sha’ar Henegev Region; None Hurt PA Releases 45 Hamas Terrorists Tanzim Terrorist Arrested near Ramallah IDF Arrests 2 Terror Suspects [Near Bethlehem, Near Jenin] Attempted […]

Sunday War News: MI: Iran Can Produce Nuke, 4 Kassams Strike South as Olmert Blasts Barak, IAF Hits Gaza Munitions Factory, Smuggling Tunnels; Stoning Near Jewish Hevron, 4 Terrorists Nabbed

March 8th, 2009

. Military Intelligence: Iran Can Produce Nuclear Weapon Four Kassam Rockets Strike South [Two Hit Eshkol Region, Two struck Sdot Negev], by Yaakov Katz (Jerusalem Post) Olmert to Barak: You’ve Shown There Was No Value to Cast Lead IAF Aircraft Hit Munitions Warehouse, Smuggling Tunnels in Gaza Israeli Car Damaged in Stoning Near Hebron’s Jewish […]

Parsha Ki Tisa 5769 — Torah Principle, Immoral Law and Peer Group Pressure

March 7th, 2009

. By Moshe Burt For many years, since 1991 when Parsha Ki Tisa marked my son Philip’s Bar Mitzvah, I have spoken or written about a posuk in our Parsha which alludes to an event which is recorded in Torah 40 years later, in a subsequent Parsha. The posuk being referred to (Sh’mos, Perek 30, […]

Shabbos War News: Five Gaza Rockets Fired at Israel, IAF Responds Hitting Terrorist Smuggling Tunnel, Terrorist Rocket Launcher; Rock Attacks Near Beersheva, Kalkilya

March 7th, 2009

. Arabs Fire Five Rockets at Israel Over Shabbat Palestinians in Gaza Fire Kassam Rocket at West Negev; No Casualties IAF Targets Terrorist Smuggling Tunnel on Philadelphi Corridor Palestinians: IAF Strike Kills Terrorist Firing Rockets From Gaza Kassam Lands in Eshkol Region; No Casualties or Damage Israeli Woman Injured by Arab Rock Throwers [Between Beersheva […]