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Novel Idea for Those Lacking Emunah: Ariel to be Named for Sharon

July 14th, 2009

. Mayor of the Shomron town of Ariel, Ron Nachman and the Ariel city council have hit on a novel approach for those whose emunah is lacking, who see Hussein Obama or Hillary Clinton as the final arbiters on the Land of Israel and for whom Hashem never really enters the equation. They have decided […]

Shabbos Thru Tuesday War News: Gaza Mortar Injures Jew in South; Pipe Bomb Found Near Kalkilya, Knife in Auto in South Hebron Hills, Terror Attack at Shuafat Checkpoint Foiled, Jew Wounded by Arab Stone-Throwers Near Ariel, IDF Nabs 21 Arab Terrorists

July 14th, 2009

. Man Injured by Mortar Shell in Zimrat, East of Gaza IDF Arrests Ten Terror Suspects in Yesha Israelis Wounded by Palestinian Stone-Throwers [in Town of Kif el-Khares Near Ariel] Palestinian[s] Caught in Possession of 16-cm Knife at [Ra'as Hamis] Checkpoint [Terror Attack at Shuafat Checkpoint Foiled] IDF Arrests Five Terror Suspects [in Shomron, in […]

Judenrein! What Was Bibi’s Meaning, Motivation for Use of Term?

July 13th, 2009

. Reuters reported last week that prime minister Netanyahu, while hosting German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, used the term “Judenrein” as derived from the Nazi era of the Holocaust to condemn “Palestinian (sic)” demands that Jewish towns be removed from the entirety of beyond the “greenline”, presumably to clear the way for a “Palestinian (sic)” […]

Parsha Matos/Masei 5769: Remaining “in Peace” Rather Than Possessing Eretz Yisrael

July 12th, 2009

. , by Moshe Burt In Parsha Matos, Sh’vatim Gad and Reuven approached Moshe Rabbeinu regarding their desire to graze their flocks and settle their families on the East side of the Yarden. To this, Moshe Rabbeinu replied, “Shall your brothers go off to war, and shall you sit here?” (Sefer Bamidbar, Perek 32, posuk […]

Parsha Pinchas 5769: Passionate Love of Eretz Yisrael = Jealously Possessing It

July 10th, 2009

. Here is another Torah gem from that kiruv legend, Jeff Seidel: Parshat Pinchas relates a story (27:1-12) about the daughters of Tzlafchad, descendants of Yosef (Joseph). These daughters wanted and loved the Land of Israel so much that they wanted a piece of it. As Rav Moshe Feinstein asks, why do they have to […]

Wednesday Thru Friday War News: Hamas Attacks From Gaza About to Resume?; Cabbie’s Murder Deemed Terror, Arab Woman Nabbed With 2 Commando Knives, 18 Terrorists Nabbed, Israeli Vehicle Fired on Near Ramallah

July 10th, 2009

. Report: Hamas Attacks [From Gaza] About to Resume Excerpts: The first phase is to attack Israeli forces operating along the Gaza security fence. The escalation would be in the form of rocket fire. The attacks would be carried out by independent terrorist groups to relieve Hamas of the responsibility. Hamas has set up a […]

Shabbos Thru Tuesday War News: Mortar Attacks at Gaza Crossings; Firebombs and Rock Attacks in Yesha, Whoopie, 1 Illegal Arab Building Razed!, 20 Terrorists Nabbed Since Shabbos, PA Police Operating in Central Jerusalem??

July 7th, 2009

. Mortar, Shooting Near Karni [Saturday Night] Mortar Attack near Gaza [Landed Near Sufa Crossing] Fire Bomb on Israeli Vehicle Near Azun [Near Kalkilya] Wadi Ara: Illegal Arab House Destroyed [Whoopie, 1 Illegal Arab Building Razed!] Eleven Arrested in Nightly Terrorist Roundup Security Force Arrests Two Illegal Workers IDF Arrests Five Terror Suspects in Yesha […]

Parsha Pinchas 5769: The Magnitude of Pinchas’ Zealousness

July 5th, 2009

. by Moshe Burt We learned in Parsha Balak that Bila’am’s scheme to seduce Jewish men to avodah zora by way of immorality (co-habitation) resulted in a plague which killed 24,000 Jewish men until Pinchas’ act brought the plague to a halt. However, Bamidbar, Perek 25, posuk 4 and 5 read; And Hashem, said to […]

Thursday, Friday War News: Arab Gunmen Fire on IDF Gaza Border Patrol; 8 Terrorists Nabbed, Firebomb Attack Near Kalkilya, Arab Stonings Near Beit Omar, Shechem and Hevron Cause Shattered Windshield, Auto Accident

July 3rd, 2009

. IDF Patrol on Gaza Border Comes Under Fire [From Arab Gunmen] IDF Arrests Three Terror Suspects [in Shechem, Hebron Firebomb Attack Next to Azoun [East of Kalkilya] Rock Attack next to Beit Omar [Shatters Windshield of Jewish Auto] IDF Arrests Five [Arab] Terror Suspects [Near Kalkilyah, Shechem, Bethlehem, and Hevron] IDF Fire Wounds 4 […]

While Pollard Jailed for Life: Ex-Professor Gets 4 years for Passing Military Secrets to Iran, China

July 2nd, 2009

. Commentary: The irony of the verdict in the case cited in the Miami Herald report below is all too obvious to rehash. The bottom-line is that while passing information bound by agreement between 2 “friendly” nations for the U.S. to provide American ally Israel and which was crucial to the security and survival of […]