Monday, Tuesday War News: Gaza Mortars Fall as Terrorists Fire on IDF Near Karni, IAF Hits Smuggling Tunnel; Arab Nabbed for Assault on Jewish Woman, 14 Terrorists Nabbed, IDF Seizes Bomb From Arab Teen



Mortar Shell Fired at Western Negev

Gaza Terrorists Fire at Soldiers Near Karni Crossing

2 Mortar Shells Fired at Erez Crossing [Fell on Gaza Side of Perimeter Fence]

IAF Hits [Smuggling] Tunnel in Response to Kassam [and 2 Mortar Shells]

Arab Arrested for Raping Israeli Woman

IDF Arrests Eight Terror Suspects [in Kalkilyah, Ramallah, and Hevron]

IDF Arrests Six Terror Suspects [in Arab Towns in Jenin Region]

IDF Intercepts Bomb [in Hands of Arab Teen] Near Shechem

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