Shabbos, Sunday War News: Gaza Border Heats Up With Rocket and Mortar Attacks, IAF Responds; Stones, Molotovs Thrown at Jewish Autos Near Bethlehem, Yitzhar, Shechem, Kalkilya, IDF Nabs 8 Terrorists



Four Mortar Shells Hit Western Negev [Near Border Fence]

Kassam Hits Sdot Negev [on Shabbos AM]

Gaza [Islamic] Gunmen Shoot at IDF Soldiers on Fence

IAF Jets Strike Tunnel Used by Terror Operatives in Northern Gaza

Stones Hurled at Israeli Car Near Nablus [Shechem]

Arabs Stone Israeli Vehicle Near Yitzhar

Israeli Bus Stoned Near Bethlehem

IDF Arrests Two Terror Suspects in Yesha

IDF Arrests 6 Terror Suspects [in Shechem, in Bilin]

Molotov Cocktails Hurled at Israeli Cars Near Kalkilya; None Hurt

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