Shabbos Thru Tuesday War News: More Mortars From Gaza Fall in Eshkol Region, 5 Gaza Palestinians Nabbed for Planting Bombs, Hamas Commander Threatens Schalit; 4 Terrorists Nabbed; 4 Stoning Attacks, 1 Molotov Attack



2 Mortar Shells Fired by Gaza Terrorists Hit Eshkol Region

IDF Arrests 5 Palestinians in North Gaza Suspected of Planting Bombs

Hamas Commander Threatens Schalit [Isn't it Time for Miliary Action to Liberate?]

Rock Attack [by Arabs] in Hevron

IDF Nabs Three Arab Terror Suspects

Rock Attack Near Shilo

Rock Attack Near Sinjil [Near Ramallah]
Firebomb Attack South of Jerusalem

Palestinians Stone Israeli Car Near Bethlehem

IDF Nabs Terror Suspect in Ramallah

Firebomb, Rock Attacks in Shomron Saturday Night

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