Thursday, Friday War News: Kassam Fired From Gaza, Infiltrators From Gaza Nabbed, Gaza “Pals(sic)” Fire on IDF; Faulty Bomb Foils Arab Sinai Terror Attack, Rocks and Firebombs Thrown at IDF, Civilians Near Hevron, Bethelehem, Kalkilya, Gush Etzion, Beitar, IDF Nabs 9 Terrorists, 2 Arab Youths Nabbed for Terror Attacks



Kassam Fired From Gaza Lands in West Negev

Two [Arab] Infiltrators From Gaza Arrested

Palestinians Open Fire at IDF Patrol Near Central Gaza

Sinai Terror Attack Failed Due to Faulty Bomb [2 Months Ago]

Palestinian [Terrorist] Arrested for Throwing Firecracker at IDF Base Near Hebron

Rock Attack [by Arab Terrorists] Near Bethlehem

Arab who Attacked South Hevron Hills IDF Outpost Arrested

Rock and Firebomb Attack [by Arab Terrorists on Jewish Vehicles] Near Kalkilya

Two [Arab] Youths Charged in Gush Etzion Attacks

IDF Arrests 9 [Terrorists in Yesha] in Night Operations

IDF Arrests Rock Throwing and Knife Wielding Arabs [Between Beit El and Psagot]

[Arabs Throwing] Firebombs, Burning Tires in Beitar

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