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Sunday Thru Tuesday War News: Gaza Arab Terrorists Fire At Israelis Near Border, IDF Responds, Gaza Arab Nabbed Attempting Infiltration; Arabs Riot, Stab, Throw Rocks in Jerusalem as Cache of Rocks Found, Arabs Stone Vehicles Near Kalkilya, IDF Nabs 4 Arab Terrorists

October 6th, 2009

IDF Strikes Back at Gaza [ARAB] Terrorists Linked to al-Qaeda [After Earlier Shooting by Gaza Arab Terrorists at Israeli Workers Near Border] IDF Troops Arrest Arab Trying to Sneak in From Gaza [Near Moshav Zikim] Inciteful Sheikh Salah Arrested in Jerusalem [On Roof of Building in Wadi Joz Neighborhood With 30 of His Supporters] Related […]

Thursday Thru Shabbos Succot War News: Kassam Attacks, Continued Kidnap Incitement, IAF Hits Weapons Storage Building, Smuggling Tunnels; Arabs Riot After Temple Mount Closed, IDF Nabs 18 Islamic Terrorists

October 4th, 2009

IAF Carries Out 2 Gaza Strikes [on Weapons Storage Building, Smuggling Tunnels] in Response to Kassam Fire Kassam from Gaza Hits Western Negev [Sha'ar HaNegev Region] Terror Attacks Continue with Kassam [Landing in the Hof Ashkelon Region], Explosives [Device Detonated South of Mount Hebron] Hamas Continues Incitement to Kidnap Arabs Hurl Rocks and Bottles at […]

Yom Kippur Thru Wednesday War News: Gaza Arab Rocket, Mortar Attacks Become Regular — Again, IAF Retaliates; 14 Terrorists Nabbed, Border Police and “Israeli Arabs” Nabbed Smuggling Illegals, Riots, Rock and Molotov Attacks on Jews in Yesha, Jerusalem

October 1st, 2009

Mortar Shell Hits Sha’ar Hanegev Second Kassam Falls Near Ashkelon Gaza Arab Terrorists Fire Kassam at Ashkelon Area IAF Strikes Gaza Smuggling Tunnels [Retaliation for Kassam Attacks] Gaza Arab Terrorists Fire Mortar Shell at Negev IAF Attacks Kassam Launcher in Gaza; 3 Rockets [One Hits Sdot Negev Regional Council], Mortar Shell Fired at Israel Mortar […]