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Succot 5773: Moshiach, Redemption — Are We Systemically Programmed for Personal, Collective Success or Failure? Revisited and Updated

September 27th, 2012

by Moshe Burt Having emerged from Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur and, hopefully we have all been inscribed and sealed for a happy, healthy, successful and meaningful year and years ahead, we find ourselves in the midst of Succot. During Succot, the B’nai Yisrael, as an Am Segula (a nation apart and unique from the […]

Yom Kippur 5773: Kannoi’yim, Unity, Yom Kippur and the Galbanum of Ketores Revisited and Updated

September 26th, 2012

by Moshe Burt Having just come through Yom Kippur, this author thought to reflect on our tefillot and our process of teshuvah. There is d’var Torah by the Shem Mishmuel (Sefer Shem Mishmuel, Rabbi Shmuel Bornstein, translated to English by Rabbi Zvi Belovski, pages 440-441). The thoughts expressed by the Shem Mishmuel seem particularly pertinent […]

Parsha Ha’azinu 5773: Heaven and Earth — History and Witnesses, Guarantors of Hashem’s Covenant with Israel — Then and Now?

September 21st, 2012

by Moshe Burt Shem Mishmuel describes Ha’azinu as; A poem which Moshe Rabbeinu recited to Klal Yisrael… It discusses the uniqueness of Klal Yisrael, their future, how they should conduct themselves, how they will stray, and how Hashem will treat them mercifully. (Shem Mishmuel, Rabbi Shmuel Bornstein, Parsha Ha’azinu, pge 433) He further indicates that […]

Rosh Hashana 5773: Contrasting The Supreme King, The Destitute King

September 18th, 2012

by Moshe Burt This Vort for the Chaggim starts out about nine days ago at Rabbi Barak Saffer’s home on Shabbos Parshat Ki Tavo. Rabbi Saffer, by the way, is Maggid Shiur at Yeshiva Mivaserret, just outside Yerushalayim. Along with Rav Saffer’s family and this author were a few of his Talmidim from the Yeshiva. […]

Parshat Vayeilech 5773: The Message of the Mitzvah of Hakhel

September 13th, 2012

by Moshe Burt Parsha Vayeilech comes to speak at length about the Mitzvah of Hakhel — the communal gathering which took place every seven years; that is at the beginning of the year following the end of the Sh’mittah year and where Sefer Devarim is read through to the end of Shema, the second paragraph […]

Parshiyot Nitzavim 5772: Jews Taking Mutual, Collective Responsibility — Key to The Ge’ula?

September 7th, 2012

by Moshe Burt Our Parsha Nitzavim opens with Moshe Rabbeinu addressing the B’nai Yisrael on the final day of his life: “Atem Nitzavim HaYom… You are standing today, all of you, before Hashem, your G’d…. for you to pass into the convenant of Hashem, …that Hashem… seals with you today in order to establish you […]