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A Kohen’s Take: The Likud Central Committee Vote and Jerusalem

April 27th, 2010

Commentary: As this week’s Parshat HaShevua is Parsha Emor, it seems appropriate apply precepts which I have derived from our Parsha to our collective current malaise: The function of the Kohen in relationship to his fellow Jews is meant to be the paradigm of how the Jews are meant to relate to the nations as […]

The Secret US-Israeli Agreement on East Jerusalem

April 27th, 2010

Bibi’s infamous Yes vote for the expulsion of our Gush Katif brethren. This blog has closely observed prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s public reactions to the tirades of US president Obama and secretary of state Clinton in the aftermath of licensure for building in Ramat Shlomo. Among Netanyahu’s public statements have been declarations that construction in […]

Parsha Ki Tisa 5769 — Torah Principle, Immoral Law and Peer Group Pressure

March 7th, 2009

. By Moshe Burt For many years, since 1991 when Parsha Ki Tisa marked my son Philip’s Bar Mitzvah, I have spoken or written about a posuk in our Parsha which alludes to an event which is recorded in Torah 40 years later, in a subsequent Parsha. The posuk being referred to (Sh’mos, Perek 30, […]

Shas to Endorse Netanyahu as PM — Yishai: Strong Shas Prevents Bibi Hurting Them

January 27th, 2009

. Commentary: Shas party leader Eli Yishai claims that his endorsement of Netanyahu for prime minister is a statement that “a strong Shas will protect the weak socioeconomic groups in Israeli society.” Yishai notes that “Shas will prevent Likud from hurting them again.” The point here is that this is ALL about money, and the […]

Shas Talks on Joining Livni Government: Jerusalem Not Necessarily Red Line?

October 17th, 2008

. Commentary; Is there anything at all new under the sun? We’ve known the FACTS regarding Shas’ Jerusalem priority, or lack thereof, for over six months. MB Shas Negotiating Attorney Indicates Jerusalem Not Necessarily Red Line, Dr. Aaron Lerner Date: 17 October 2008 (IMRA) Full Text; In a live interview broadcast during the noon news […]

Emergency Update: Israeli Government Handing Over Hevron Security to PA

October 7th, 2008

. Commentary; Received this email tonight from Mattot Arim — Cities of Israel. In their typical blundering, suicidal political expedience, it appears that the Olmert/Livni Regime is intent wreaking havoc upon the Jews of Hevron, Again. MB Emergency update. Very soon, crazy as this may seem to you, the Israeli Government intends to transfer responsibility […]

Shas: Are You Ready to Leave, Bring Elections Yet Over Jerusalem?

September 1st, 2008

. Commentary; Once again, the Shas party, in a position to bring about near- instant elections, instead continues to choose bluster and crocodile tears rather than doing the right and moral thing — leaving the government NOW. For context on the whole sordid Shas/Jerusalem experience, click here. MB Shas: Olmert Has No Legal Right to […]

“Religious” Parties: Connect Hametz With G.K., Jerusalem Division, More?

April 14th, 2008

. == Commentary; MK Rabbi Avraham Ravitz and Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Yonah Metzger have both spoken out against legalized sale of Hametz anywhere in Israel during Pesach. Rabbi Metzger went so far as to connect successive regimes’-sponsored decline [or disintegration] of Jewish values with decline in performance of reserve duty which the generals and commanders […]

Livni Repartitioning Jerusalem, WHERE’S SHAS?

April 11th, 2008

. Commentary; How many more facts and realities will Shas disregard and rationalize away in their abandonment of Jerusalem for the love of money and partison self-aggrandisement? Dr. Aaron Lerner of IMRA makes these comments about the consequences of the Olmert, Livni, Ramon partition of Jerusalem polices, and Shas’ acceptance and enablement of them, and […]

The Horse’s Mouth: Shas Won’t Leave for “Just Jerusalem”

April 8th, 2008

. Commentary; For those who had any doubts about the Shas party’s lack of spiritual connection to Jerusalem or anything not directly connected to Shas pockets, their latest spokesman, Communications Minister Ariel Attias has already kissed off Yehuda and the Shomron as what Shas “was not created for,” now dispells all doubts; “If there is […]