Israel’s Hasbara: A Principled, Competent Gov’t with Integrity Dumps MSM, Utilizes Blogosphere

Circumvent Old Media-Go for the Blogosphere, by Michael Freund (Jerusalem Post)


But who said that the government of Israel is at all principled or competent — at any level? Instead of repeatedly being made to look like bumbling fools with face in hand for shame over false accusations made by MSM (mainstream media), Israel’s friends in blogosphere root out and expose the truth.

Below Michael Freund’s article are just a few cases where blogosphere beat msm to a pulp in getting at the truth. A government truly interested in Hasbara; in national security and unity, rather than preoccupied with the promotion and exploitation of prejudice, hate and divisiveness between population sectors in order to solidify and perpetuate their agenda and their hold on power; such a truly hasbara-oriented government would rely heavily on blogosphere in the media war for perception. This media war appears every bit as important as the physical battlefield. MB read more

The Hypocracy of the Sharon/Olmert “Leadership of Expedience” and Impact on How Bush Administration, American People View Israel

Weekly Commentary: Olmert’s Reality Gap

Another Tack: Olmert’s Middle Schmiddle


“During this entire campaign we’ve heard nothing unambiguous from prime-ministerial front-runner Ehud Olmert. Saying nothing to all people advantageously ensconces Kadima’s headliner on the much-touted middle ground, hyped as creditable and dependable. Those who won’t flock to that indistinct nondescript space under his leadership are denigrated as fanatics. read more


Shattering Revelations Continue on the US/UAE Ports Deal …

This blog would not ordinarily report on issues external to israel, except in cases such as the US/UAE Ports Deal where the potential consequences are soo critical regarding Israel. The impact of this deal, if finalized is devastating for both Israel and the US, including the families of many of us who still reside in the US or Canada. MB

Exclusive: Dubai Ports Firm Enforces Boycott of Israel

For those who have only now tuned in, some of the previous incredible revelations can be found on the following links; (1), (2)(there are two citings here), (3) , (4), (5), (6), (7), (8). read more