Mahmoud Abbas’ Pallywood Hoax



It now appears that according to IMRA’s Aaron Lerner and Jerusalem Post’s columnist Khaled Abu Toameh, the Sep 26, 2007 Report which this blog cited: “Palestinian forces discover two Kassams in Bethlehem” was a hoax and was possibly, probably timed to coincide with Abbas’ Washington Post interview; “A Conversation with Mahmoud Abbas.”


Text: “Moderate” Abbas Uses Hoax in Washington Post Interview, by Dr. Aaron Lerner (IMRA)
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Mohammed al-Dura Case: Pallywood, Hezbollywood Islamic Hoaxes Exposed



Two months ago, Barak of IRIS wrote re-expressing what is the concensus throughout blogosphere, that the Mohammed al-Dura scam is referred to as the Biggest News Scandal of All Time.

Caroline Glick has written on the Mohammed al-Dura affair twice in the past week. The first article was in the context of properly discrediting Avrum Burg and Haaretz reporter Danny Rubinstein, Jewish authors of lies, fabrications and perfidy against Israel. Glick decried the Israeli “Foreign Ministry’s contemptuous treatment of French Jewish activist Philippe Karsenty, who is being hounded by the French media giant France 2 television network for his dogged defense of Israel and the IDF. ” read more

Deir Yassin: The Mother of Arab Lies, Myths and Staged Pallywood, Hezbollywood Productions

The Ghosts of Deir Yassin, by Yehuda Avner (Jerusalem Post)

“What this House has just heard is an elaborate exercise in Arab myth-making. On trial here is not what happened at Deir Yassin but what has been invented about Deir Yassin.”: Dr. Gershon Levy


In October 1952, I attended a debate at the Oxford Union between a Dr. Ali el-Husseimi, adviser to the Secretary General of the Arab League Abdul-Khalek Hassouna, and Dr. Gershon Levy, adviser to prime minister David Ben-Gurion. The motion was, “This House Condemns Zionism as Imperialism.” read more

The Evolution of Blood Libels Against Jews: From Wildfire Rumors to Prime Time Pallywood, Hezbollywood…

Our World: Prime-Time Blood Libels, by Caroline Glick (Jerusalem Post)

“Israel’s continued silence is a sign that Israeli officialdom has still not understood what the war of images demands of it. The Dura film, like the fictional massacre of Lebanese children at Kafr Kana in Lebanon this summer, shows that victory or defeat in wars is today largely determined on television. To win, Israel must go on the offensive and attack untruthful, distorted images that are used to justify the killing of Israelis and Jews throughout the world.” read more

PA Kidnaps Possible “Pallywood” Participant?

Kidnapped [by Pa] AP Photographer Spanish Citizen Emilio Morenatti

Full Text;

The kidnapped AP photographer was forced into a car by armed PA Arabs.

His name is Emilio Morenatti and he is said to be a citizen of Spain.

Palestinian Authority security sources, controlled by Hamas, confirmed the kidnapping to the AP. “We are making searches in the area,” an official promised.

In recent months, two Fox News journalists were kidnapped, as well as an American student volunteering for a left-wing group in Shechem. All were released unharmed. read more


Lights, Camera’s, Action: “Hooray for Pallywood …” Open Season on Ashkelon as Amir, the Gullible Halts Artillery Response to Kassams …

Gaza Beach Carnage Footage Staged?


A terrible tragedy happened on the Gaza beach. A shell exploded and killed 7 men, women and children and injured others. Israel is investigating. But Mark Regev, the Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman who said that Israel believes such shelling of civilians to be unacceptable also told the BBC that naval or air shelling have been ruled out. Other possibities are explored. In the meantime Hamas vows to end the unilateral cease-fire with Israel.

But, please, watch this BBC report and tell me what were the cameramen doing on the beach at the moment the shell hit? CNN has the exact same footage. read more

The Foreign Ministry and the Re-Branding of Israel; Again?

On Wednesday evening, I was among 200 bloggers in Israel who attended Nefesh b’Nefesh’s first annual Bloggers Conference held at NBN offices in Givat Shaul.

There was nothing much new to come out of the various panel discussions, Q & As beyond the opportunities for face-to-face, in-person networking amongst bloggers. But the deli and salads were great.

For me, the comments at the conference compelled a re-focusing on old-fashioned proven methods of SEO — swapping blogroll links and blog comments with other bloggers in Jewish blogosphere. read more


The Why’s of Israel’s PR Failures


Martin Sherman’s comments on the abysmal failure of Israel’s hasbara allude to the fact that a relative handful of wealthy elitists who wield power through the consolidation of much of the nation’s financial resources, as well as through the intelligencia and the judicial system in order to “to shape events here, to mold opinions and to determine what processes should be set in motion and which should not.”

This “shaping of events by the elitists” has produced side affects which have further compounded Israel’s already apparent systemic hasbara failures. read more


What if 500,000 Islamics Tried Forcing Way Into Negev?


This author was asked that very question this past Shabbos in the aftermath of the Islamic mob which tore down the Rafah border. Not being aware of the existing advanced modern anti-mob technology referred to in the report below to combat mass human-wave actions, we surmised that Israel would evoke a worldwide hew and cry were Islamics shot during such an attempt to cross from Gaza and force entry into the Negev.

One can recall the threats made by Islamics at the time of Arafat’s death to bury him Mosque of Al Aksa on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. read more


Gaza Beach Blast June 9, 2006: Hoax Exposed


Gaza Girls’ “Hysterics”: a Pallywood Hoax

Dr. Aaron Lerner of Independent Media Research and Analysis (IMRA) has posted this film on Pallywood’s Gaza Beach hoax;

Second Draft has just put up a ten-minute film entitled, “Gaza Beach Tragedy: Exploiting Grief.”

Richard Landes
The Second Draft


After Second Draft’s film, click here for the film posted by Little Green Footballs one day after the “event.” Please view and pass on to other bloggers and everyone you know. read more