Hezbollah Heating Up North Again Amidst Israel’s Silence, Kassam From Gaza Hits South and Other War News…

Monday Thru Thursday War News: Kassam Rocket Strikes Western Negev, IAF Bombs Smuggling Tunnels; Hezbollah Arms Smuggling Videoed, Jewish Cars Stoned in North and Throughout Yehuda, Shomron, Palestinian Terrorist Nabbed Planning Attacks, Arabs From Silwan Neighborhood Toss Firebombs at IDF Vehicle in Jerusalem, IDF Nabs 16 Terrorists

Wednesday Thru Friday War News: 5 Mortars Hit Western Negev, IAF Bombs a ‘Kidnap Tunnel’ Near Gaza Border; Chemical Weapons in July Explosion of Hezbollah Arms Cache; IDF Nabs 6 Terrorists, Police Nab 3 Terrorists, Rock Attacks Near Ramallah, Hevron, North Shomron

Monday, Tuesday War News: Gaza Kassam, Mortar Attack; Hezbollah Plot Against Ashkenazi Foiled, Yeshiva Hit by Hezbollah Computer Hackers, IDF Nabs 19 Terrorists, Police Nab 97 Illegals in Tel Aviv, Arab Rock Attacks, Pipe Bomb Disarmed at Bus Stop

Thursday Thru Monday War News: 3 Gaza Arabs Caught Near Kibbutz, Peres: Hezbollah Has 80,000 Missiles, 27 Terrorists Nabbed, Stonings and Firebombings of Jewish Buses, Auto Near Hevron, Ariel

Wednesday, Thursday War News: Terrorists Fire on IDF Patrol Near Gaza Border; Hezbollah Hides Rockets in Homes, Violate UN Resolution; 14 Terrorists, 81 illegals Nabbed, Arabs Stone Jews Near Shechem, Kalkilya, Yishuv Ma’alei Sharon

Vilna’i: All Israel in Range of Hamas, Hezbollah Rockets


Boker Tov Am Yisrael! As if Vilna’i’s warning should come as any great shock to anyone with eyes, ears or a functioning brain in their head. But it just boggles the mind how the typical Yosef Q. Israeli doesn’t have his back up at the mal-feasance and non-feasance of successive governments, including Netanyahu, who have sat back, equivocating, voting to make parts of Jewish land Yudenrein and letting this state of affairs come to be. Frankly, this Jew is more than a litle tired of excuses, expressions like “ein ma’alasot”
(nothing can be done), or “I’m too tired to fight, too tired to win.” read more

Recent Chol HaMo’ed War News: Egypt Hits Hamas, Hezbollah in Sinai, Gaza for Own Defense Reasons, Gaza Boat Loaded with Explosives Blows Up; Bedouin Smuggler to Hamas Indicted, 13 Terrorists Nabbed, Stonings and Harrassment in Old City, Hevron, Ramle, Arabs Stone Rabbi Sternbuch’s Car — Rabbi Unharmed


Is Egypt “On the job”, or do her recent actions against Hamas and Hezbollah constitute one-time validation? How many tunnels continue operation under Egypt’s nose?

Is it possible that these recent actions reflect nothing more than Egypt acting against Hezbollah out of concern for her own national security regarding threat posed by Iran and Hezbollah and their alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood and possible strategic strikes by Iranian agents against Egypt’s economic lifeline? (MB) read more

Senior Security Official Gilad: “Hamas, Hezbollah Can’t be Trusted” — Anything New Under the Sun?



How long will the Jewish people tolerate this vicious cycle of repetition? What is new in Amos Gilad’s comments that we do not already know and which we have not heard adnausium countless times before? Didn’t we know that Hamas can’t be trusted before Operation Cast Lead? Didn’t we know Hezbollah’s shtick before the Lebanon conflict 2 years ago? Yet, rather than displaying her earlier self-reliance such as in the Six-Day War, the Entebbe rescue and the bombing of the Iraqi Osirak nuclear reactor site, Israel continues entering into truces and ceasefires with enemies who nullify agreements at their convenience and continues to abrogate her security to third party nations and the UN. What will it take for the Jewish people to demand; with their votes, feet and bodies, a faith-based governance and a return to the self-reliance which comes with doing the right Jewish thing and relying on Hashem, rather than on third party nations, “superpowers” or the UN? MB read more

Tuesday War News: Hamas, Hezbollah Emboldened by Unilateral Cease-fire in Gaza, Spin Mythical “Victory(sic)”; Bus Stoned Near Shechem, Auto Fired on Near Kochav Hashachar, 12 Terrorists Nabbed in 3 Venues With Cache of Weapons, Ammo


It is often said that “a picture speaks 1,000 words.” Well, often so do headlines. MB

Analysis: Trumpets of Victory Strike False Note, by Khaled Abu Toameh (Jerusalem Post)

“Hamas believes that it won the war not only because its men ‘defeated’ the IDF and forced the tanks to retreat under fire, but also because the movement is still in power despite the massive military operation and the heavy damages and losses it incurred.”

View From Hezbollah: Hamas Killed 1,583 Soldiers read more