Olmert, Abbas Prisoner Release: Signal that Fatah, Hamas War a Scam?


Barak of IRIS questions how it’s possible that Olmert’s “gesture” toward Abbas of releasing 255 prisoners ‘without blood on their hands’ could have included 30 members of Hamas and two members of the Islamic Jihad.

Was the entire “war” between Fatah and Hamas a fraud perpetrated on us not only by the PA, but with the knowing complicity of Ehud Olmert?

According to the guidelines approved earlier in the week by a special Israeli governmental committee headed by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, the prisoners released do not have any “blood on their hands”. read more

Sunday War News: Kassams, Mortars and Terror Prisoner Release

Olmert’s Sleight-of-Hand on Prisoner Releases

Terror Victims: Gov’t ‘Covering Up’ Illegal Release

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Full Text;

The government is trying “to cover up” its proposed release of Jordanian terrorists and has “proven that the State acted without fulfilling all legal requirements,” the Terror Victims Association (Almagor) charged. The government’s response to a petition to the High Court to cancel the agreement to free the terrorists “merely compounds the crime,” charged Meir Indor, director of the group. read more

Monday War News: Jerusalem Arabs Nabbed for Conspiring With PA Police, 6 Terrorists Nabbed, Released Terrorists Laughable Disavow of Terror, Abbas: ‘No Peace Without Release of All Prisoners’ (Read Terrorists, Including Barghouti), UNIFIL and Hezbollah

Monday War News: Rock Attacks South of Shechem, Gush Etzion, 2 Terrorists Nabbed, FAyad Demands Release of All PA Prisoners, Release of 200 Terrorists Approved by Cabinet in 3 Minutes Flat

Rock Attack [Near Hawara, South of Shechem] Damages Vehicle

Two Wanted Terrorists Apprehended [1 Near Ramallah, 1 in Hevron]

Arabs Pelt, Damage Bus on Gush Etzion Road

Fayad: ‘We Demand the Release of All Prisoners Without Exception’

[Ministerial] Committee Approves Release of Two Prisoners With Blood on Hands


“The two prisoners are Muhammad Abu Ali, who killed an IDF reservist in Hebron as well as a Palestinian suspected of collaborating with Israel, and Said Uteba, who planted three bombs in central Israeli cities, one of which killed Tzila Galili in Petah Tikva.” read more

Evidence Mounts on Bogus Terror Disavowal of Released Prisoners

More Evidence That Freed Terrorists Hold Weapons (Israel National News)

For context on this report, click here.


Newsweek magazine has added more evidence that Fatah terrorists released last week by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert still have access to their weapons, in violation of terms of the release. Newsweek reporter Kevin Peraino wrote, “I found [Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades] boss Zacharia Zubeidi, sitting under a carob tree, chain smoking L&Ms, and otherwise doing nothing. ‘We’re just like the rest of the army. We have no duties.’… Despite the fact that Aqsa militants in the West Bank made an elaborate show earlier this week of turning in their Kalashnikovs and pledging to support for Abbas, Zubeidi made it clear that he still has access to his old weapons.” read more

Why is The Olmert Government Pledging to Release Prisoners for the IDF Hostages??

Report: Diskin Promised Abbas Prisoner Exchange


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas resumed talks with Hamas over the release of IDF Cpl. Gilad Shalit who was abducted from Israel to Gaza some four weeks ago, it was reported on Friday.

The Palestinian London-based Al Hayat al-Jadeeda reported that Shin Bet (Internal Security Agency) committed to Abbas some two weeks ago that if Shalit were to be released, then Israel would release a large number of Palestinian prisoners “without blood on their hands.” read more

Ramon: Terrorist Prisoner Demands = Ultimatum for Israeli Capitulation


Here’s anoutrage which should NOT pass from the Jewish scene unnoticed.

The Daily Alert, prepared by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, posts that according to Minister Haim Ramon; Hamas prisoner demands constitute an ultimatum for Israeli surrender in a translation of a Voice of Israel Radio-Hebrew report:

Israeli Minister Haim Ramon, a member of the Ministerial Committee on Security Prisoners, told Israel Radio Thursday that Hamas did not negotiate over the release of prisoners but rather presented an ultimatum for Israeli capitulation. read more

Tuesday War News: Arab Infiltrator Nabbed Near Kissufim, Israel to Replace Gaza’s Worn Shekalim; 149 of Terrorists Set for Release doing Time for Attempted Murder, 8 Terrorists Nabbed, Syria’s Missile Tests While Livni Calls 1701 “Best Choice,” 1 Jew Injured in Hevron Stonings

Arab Infiltrator Arrested Near Kissufim

Israel to Replace Worn Out Shekel Notes in Gaza Strip

8 PA Arab [Terrorist] Fugitives Caught

Almagor: 149 of the Terrorists Slated for Release Serving Time for Attempting Murder, by Dr. Aaron Lerner (IMRA)

These are amongst the terrorists which the
cabinet approved by vote in 3 minutes flat. MB

‘IDF Detects Syrian Test-Launches of Ground to Ground Missiles’


Syria’s arsenal of missiles is based mainly on antiquated soviet ware upgraded and improved in Syria, the missiles – with a range of 300-700 km. – can still reach any target in Israel. read more

Israel’s Murdering Terrorist Prisoners for Body-Bags: Insane!


The are quite of people spinning the handling of murdering Arab Islamic terrorists back to the enemy in exchange for body-remains as restoration of national pride and national strength.

To return to the points made last week regarding the campaign for large numbers of people to change their social networking profile pictures to Shalit’s;

The Rabbanim draw a strong distinction and bounds between pidyon Sh’vu’im — rescuing or redeeming captives and redeeming captives in a way which brings the entire nation into dire peril. read more