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                              Sefer Torah Network News
                           Volume 1, Number 19

                                                              2 April, 2004
Shalom Friends;

Welcome to the 19th edition of the Sefer Torah Network News list..

I'm pleased to announce that the Hochnossis Sefer Torah party 
celebrating placement in the Givat Nof Harim hilltop community of 
Yishuv Eli  of the Sefer Torah transferred by the Goldstein family of 
Queens, NY  took on the 24th of March at 8:15 PM.  Please view 
the<http://www.sefer-torah.com/givatnofharim.html> website and read 
this newletter for coverage of the event and to view pictures from 
the small Transfer Ceremony which took place on Monday, 19 January, 
2004 at the Plaza Hotel in Jerusalem as well as from my recent 
Shabbos in Givat Nof Harim.   A full layout of pictures as well as a 
multi-media report will be viewable from the website soon.

The Sefer Torah Recyclng Network expresses it's great appreciation to 
the Goldstein family for their kindness in providing a Sefer Torah 
for a needy location in EretzYisrael.

The community of Givat Nof Harim, east of Eli in the Shomron, 
consists of 35 families and had been without a Sefer Torah for a 
number of years.

The Sefer Torah Recycling Network continues to be active on various 
fronts having received several very positive responses to the 
publicity regarding the event in Yishuv Eli.   Raising the necessary 
funds for two restorations of Sifrei Torah for Homesh and the kehilla 
on Bat Ayin is presently THE central focus of 
<http://www.sefer-torah.com>The Sefer Torah Recycling Network.  So 
far, the project has thankfully received donations from many sponsors 
but is still far short of the funds necessary to defray these 
restoration costs. (approximately $ 7,500 still needs to be raised 
for the restorations of both Sifrei Torah.)

In addition, recent publicity surrounding Israeli Government 
pronouncements concerning possible dismantlements and relinquishments 
of Gaza and certain Yishuvim inYehuda & Shomron make a compelling 
case for full-court pressing for expeditious donations of both Sifrei 
Torah and funding for restorations of Torahs for the needy, 
endangered locations.
During Chol HaMo'ed, I will be participating in a Tiyul to Gaza and 
will talk to residents while there.  More on this to follow in 
subsequent newsletters.

Toward the bottom of this newsletter, please read the brief 
descriptions of many more such locations throughout Israel currently 
either without their own Sifrei Torah or lacking sufficient number of 
Sifrei Torah.  This same information is available by clicking on 
<http://www.sefer-torah.com/storah.html>"About The Sefer Torah 
Recycling Network"  page of the website which will provide a history 
of the project as well as details on the various needy organizations.

It is vital that The Sefer Torah Recycling Network  receive 
seed-funding as well as ongoing cash donations and a constant influx 
of Sifrei Torah.  For this reason,  we seek philanthropists, 
philanthropic "Angels" who recognize the need for an ongoing clearing 
house where Sifrei Torah can be donated or acquired, restorations 
completed and placements of Sifrei Torah made in needy locations 
throughout EretzYisrael.

In this way, The Sefer Torah project  will become an active, ongoing, 
serious organization which solicits and receives donations of Sifrei 
Torah, or acquires S'forim for cash for placement in needy locations 
throughout Israel.  In the process, such donations will avail ongoing 
employment to needy Sofrim to repair and restore posul Sifrei Torah 
for placement in the growing number of needy locations in Israel 
which request help in acquiring a Sefer Torah.  I hold that donating 
a Sefer Torah, or donating the funds necessary in order for The Sefer 
Torah Recycling Network to become an ongoing, serious organization 
which places Sifrei Torah in many of the hundreds of needy locations 
throughout EretzYisrael is to tangibly act to possess EretzYisrael as 
your own.

There are other noteworthy developments to report in The Sefer Torah 
Network News list  beyond the upcoming Hochnossis Sefer Torah Party. 

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The Sefer Torah Recycling Network is still offering a number of 
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These Sefer Torah posters provide donors with incentive and yet 
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people to help us raise the necessary funds for the restoration of 
two Sifrei Torah slated for placement in needy locations here in 

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Chag Kosher V'Same'ach to all and continued wishes for enjoyable 
reading of the Sefer Torah Network News list.

Best Regards,
Moshe Burt
Founder and Director

Items of Note in this Edition of theSefer Torah Network News .

-Shabbos in the Givat Nof Harim Community of Yishuv Eli
-Spotlight on three locations slated to receive Sifrei Torah
-Hachnasat Sefer Torah Givat Nof Harim: For Some Mitzvot, It Takes a Kahal .
-Inspiring Sefer Torah Stories from Around the World
-Locations in need of their own Sifrei Torah
-Up Close and Personal ;  Kehilla Beis Tefillah, Ramat Beit Shemesh

Please visit the 
Website and help support The Sefer Torah Recycling Network.   A 
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Sefer Torah Network News selections for this 
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The Schottenstein Edition 
Aryeh Kaplan Anthology Set / 2 Volume Slipcased Set, By Rabbi Aryeh 
Kaplan  and 
Berel Wein's Pirkei Avos: Teachings for Our Times.

Please note that you can now place a 
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                      Tehillim for Recovery from Illness

Please see that tehillim is said for the following individuals;

Moshe Shlomo ben Michal

Moshe Shlomo is a little over 1 year old.   There were complications 
at birth which have resulted in slowness in coordination and motor 

Aliza Channa Devorah bat Malka.

Aliza is 12 years of age.  She is receiving Chemo-therapy treatments 
for cancer in Hadassah Childrens hospital.   She had complained of 
pain in her right shoulder.  Doctors found a tumor and she was 
diagnosed a few months ago.  Please pray hard for her refuah 
shleimah.  This request came to me from her grandparents who live in 
the U.S.

Menucha Mendel Yehudit Rut bat Chaya Zelda;

A widow from London who became ill during a visit to EretzYisrael and 
who is currently recovering from her illness in London.  Please pray 
hard for her refuah shleimah.

And please Daven for Good Health for Yehonatan ben Malka (Jonathan 
Pollard) and for his speedy release from American incarceration and 
his return to his beloved homeland, Eretz Yisrael.
in the Givat Nof Harim Community of Yishuv Eli

                 When the page appears, arrow down to "Shabbat in 
Givat Nof Harim."


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                                  Divrei Torah

<http://www.sefer-torah.com/hachnasat.html>Hachnasat Sefer Torah -- 
Givat Nof Harim:
      For Some Mitzvot, It Takes a Kahal.
             By Moshe Burt

Pesach 5764:  An Answer to Disengagement, Dismantlement and   
                         Abandonment of Eretz Yisrael and B'nai Yisrael  
                                                By Moshe Burt

This will make the ninth successive year, my sixth Pesach in Eretz 
Yisrael, and it has become tradition with me to write about the 
rendition of Dayenu as quoted from the book "Dear Brothers."   In 
each year, Dayenu holds a unique perspective, unlike the perspective 
of any previous year. 

The theme of Dayenu is ever more timely now, in the days before this 
Pesach in Eretz Yisroel.

This year, I will seek to present a connection between Dayenu and 
Parsha Tsav of our Shabbos HaGodol.  Last year at this time, we were 
heavy with apprehension regarding the prospect of another bombardment 
of Scuds, perhaps tipped with biological chemicals or worse.    And 
in 5762, our soldiers were receiving their Tzav Shemona to report for 
activation for April offensive by the IDF named "Operation Protective 

And the Parshiyot on Shabbos HaGadol and on the Shabbos immediately 
after Pesach are Tzav and Shemini respectively.   And this year, we 
are speaking of the Tzav Shemona of the B'nai Yisrael -- the Jewish 
people.    This is a call for preparation to contest against evil 
leaders who seek to rid Jews from their homes, first in Gush Katif, 
then in parts of Yehuda and Shomron, eventually throughout Eretz 

They've ticked me off one time too many and too close to home and as 
that line goes from the movie "Network"; "I'm mad as H..., and I'm 
not gonna take it more."

Shabak did a sting this past Monday.   They decided to take down the 
Kahane websites.       And so, they broke into offices and homes 
seizing documents and equipment and arresting 6 individuals including 
one very dear friend of mine.   This friend has been an incredible 
help to me with his Chessed regarding my 
<http://www.sefer-torah.com>Sefer Torah project, as he's undoubtedly 
been to many other people throughout Israel.

Happily, my friend was released intact on Monday evening, undoubtedly 
after a day of mental torture and abuse.   And we don't yet have 
handle on whether my friends story ends here or whether it's only the 

And so, you can always tell when the latest Israeli dictator is near 
to an evil decree.   He and Shabak try to cut off the flow of 
information, ideas and truth.  It reads as predictably as the 
segments in the old American TV serial, "Dallas."      

This time, we are staring at the prospect of the leaders of 
MedinatYisrael attempting to relinquish possession of Gaza, 
biblically part of the land of Israel.   

Now how do we answer these provocations against Our Land and against 
Hashem  by the arrogant, corrupt, graft-ridden, enrichment and 
kavod-hungry, Torah-devoid and anti-Torah leaders of Medina 

I've got a possible answer.  It's an answer which doesn't require 
laying in the streets, blocking traffic and getting arrested or more, 
although the situation may reach the point where such actions are 

But my answer is a peaceful, relatively unobtusive act of Unity 
amongst B'nai Yisrael where the end will be a mass of people dancing 
and celebrating around a Sefer Torah, leading it to an Aron HaKodesh 
in a location in Gaza.   By providing a location in Gaza with a Sefer 
Torah, we will make that location Mokomot Torah as we join the 
neshamot of those who have read from, kissed and carried the Torah in 
it's lifetime with those many yet to do so in a town or neighborhood 
in Gaza.   In placing a sefer torah in a Gaza community, we will act 
to possess  a part of Eretz Yisrael on levels that catchy political 
phrases like annexation can't ever approach.   

You say "This can't be!", as if the Bais Yosef in discussing Borer 
(sorting), the separation of refuse from food  on Shabbos or Yom Tov 
in learning Hichos Shabbos?  You say that Gaza is not part of Eretz 

My friend Menachem Kovacs of Baltimore, in his recent article which 
appears in the Torah section of the 
website,  spoke about crucial security issues which mandate Israel's 
retention of Gaza (including a US Joint Chiefs of Staff report 
claiming ''the Gaza Strip serves as a salient for introduction of 
Arab subversion and terrorism and its retention would be to Israel's 
military advantage)."   But he also writes that former Ashkenazi 
Chief Rabbi Avraham Shapira spoke out that "We are expressing not a 
political opinion but the opinion of TorahŠthe Torah says that the 
entire Land is ours and we must not give it away, and especially when 
it is liable to lead to the loss of life."  

Rabbi Shapira further stated "Events have shown all of us that, 
Heaven forbid, whoever harms the Land of IsraelŠloses his seat and 
his regime."    I will add that we've seen repeatedly that every one 
of Israel's Prime Ministers since the mid-1980s has tried to choke 
off the truth of the eternal, divine Jewish legacy to any part of The 
Land of Israel has ultimately fallen from power.  Check it out -- 
starting with Shamir and Madrid, the signer the Oslo agreements (even 
though maneuvered into it by Peres), Peres who insisted that there 
was a non-existent amendment to the PLO Charter and lost to 
Netanyahu.   Netanyahu who gave away 80% of Chevron and signed Wye 
and didn't even get Pollard free for it.

Barak who ran from South Lebanon with his tail between his legs and 
then was prepared to relinquish nearly the entirety of Yesha and Abu 
Dis and East Jerusalem too, after crushing Bibi, he got crushed by 
Sharon.   So what makes Sharon so arrogant as to think that he won't 
suffer the same or worse fate than his predecessors, particularly in 
light of his complicity in the corruption of his sons?

Mr. Kovacs continues by stating that "most all of the Biblical 
commentators maintain that Gaza is within the boundaries of Shevet 
Yehuda in Biblical Eretz Yisrael (see Genesis 15, Joshua 15:47, Kings 
15:47 and Judges 1:18) and therefore it also has the Halachic 
requirement to be settled (and therefore certainly not abandoned). 
Most commentators also require tithes to be taken from the produce 
grown in Gaza as is required of all produce grown in the Land of 
Israel and this is the practice today."

He states that the great scholar Rabbi Yaakov Emden once answered a 
Shayla about whether living in Gaza fulfills the Biblical commandment 
to live in the Land of Israel with the clear and emphatic ruling: 
"Gaza and its environs are absolutely considered part of the Land of 
Israel without a doubt. There is no doubt that it is a Mitzvah to 
live there as in any part of the Land of Israel."

Further, Mr. Kovacs writes that, "the first two of our Biblical 
Patriarchs, Avraham and Yitzhak, both ... lived in the Gerar area of 

Tanach tells us in Yehoshua that the inheritance of Shevet Yehudah 
included "...Ashdod, it's towns and villages, Gaza, it's towns and 
villages, up to the Wadi of Egypt, with the Great Sea as the 
boundry." (Yehoshua Perek 15, posuk 47)   We further learn in Tanach, 
in Kings that Shlomo HaMelech "...controlled the entire western side 
of the Euphrates, from Tifsach to Gaza..."

And finally, Mr. Kovacs cites that "In the fourth century (hundreds 
of years before Islam was founded) Gaza was the primary Jewish port 
of Israel for international trade and commerce. One of our oldest 
Shuls dates back to that time. Great medieval rabbis such as Rabbi 
Yisrael Najara, author of Kah Ribon Olam, the popular Shabbat Zemer, 
and renowned Mekubal Rabbi Avraham Azoulai, were rabbanim in Gaza 
Jewish communities.

Gush Katif today continues our Torah tradition as a strong Makom 
Torah. There are some 30 synagogues plus  Yeshivat Torat Hachim with 
200 students, the Hesder Yeshiva with 150 students, the Mechina in 
Atzmona with 200 students, Yeshivot in Netzarim and Kfar Darom, 6 
Kollelim, a Medrasha for girls in Neve Dekalim and more."

Hashem-willing, I hope to participate in a community tiyul,  my first 
trip to Gaza, during Chol HaMo'ed Pesach.  I have spoken to Rav Yigal 
Kaminetsky, the Chief Rabbi of Gaza, who will be getting back to me 
with pratim (information) regarding prospective needy communities. 
IY'H, that I'll merit to be able to meet Rav Kaminetsky during my 
trip to Gaza.   

My work is cut out;  to find a Sefer Torah to place in Gaza.  But, 
I've gotten some positive responses resulting from the publicity for 
the recent <http://www.sefer-torah.com/givatnofharim.html>Hachnasat 
Sefer Torah party in Givat Nof Harim in Yishuv Eli (Arrow down to the 
Hachnasat Sefer Torah section of page and click on the picture for 
more pictures).   The big question is, will donors, both of Sifrei 
Torah and funds come through and make this happen?

  This theme of Dayenu is as timely now for all Jews here and in the 
US as it was in the first year that I emailed it out or, for that 
matter,  as it was when it was quoted in Segal's compilation of the 
book in its copyright year 1988.

My Introduction;

In the Book "Dear Brothers", the story is told how Pesach 5738 (1968) 
was approaching when the first group of Pioneers endeavored to 
establish themselves in Chevron.  Among this hearty group were Rabbis 
Haim Druckman, Eliezer Waldman, Moshe Levinger, Shlomo Aviner and 

We pick up the story as the participants,  "Sixty people sat down to 
that historical first Seder..." in Chevron.

"Another participant was the author Moshe Shamir, formerly affiliated 
with the leftist Hashomer Hatzair(the Young Guard).  As he did with 
each of the celebrants during the Seder, Rabbi Druckman asked Shamir 
to make some comments appropriate to the festival.  The others braced 
themselves for the minor unpleasantness that was sure to result..."

But at every Seder since then; other guests have repeated the Drosh 
that Moshe Shamir delivered that first Passover Seder in Chevron and 
so I try to give it over each year to my friends and relatives on 
Pesach via the Internet(MB). 

"The fourteen verses in the song Dayenu (It would have sufficed) have 
drawn the attention of the commentators throughout the ages.  Why 
should we imply that we could forgo even one of the gifts given to us 
by Hashem three thousand years ago?  How would we have gotten along 
at all without every one of them?  The truth is that this part of the 
Haggadah has only one aim: to teach us how each and every generation 
of Jews tends to settle for the achievements of the past, to settle 
for what its forefathers  had accomplished -- and to rest on its 
laurels,  with no aspiration for anything  not achieved thus far. 
We, too, right here have that same tendency to say Dayenu -- 'It 
would have sufficed for us.'  The State of Israel?  Dayenu.  Unified 
Jerusalem and liberated Hebron ?  Dayenu.   Wasn't it just last year 
at the Seder that we said, 'If Hashem had given us Israel but had not 
given us Jerusalem and Hebron -- dayenu?  That's why we've got to 
know that we'll be facing many more 'dayenus' until we reach full 

The book recounts that Rabbi Druckman stood up and  kissed Shamir's forehead.

The commentary in the Artscroll Pesach Haggadah speaks about Dayenu 
in this way;"...The bondage of our forefathers was two-fold -- 
physical and spiritual -- and so was their redemption.  The physical 
bondage came to an end on Pesach night, but the spiritual redemption 
reached it's climax only with the building of the Temple and Hashem's 
self-revelation in his sanctuary." 

"Every step on the road to this ultimate goal was a further act of 
Divine kindness to us, a further revelation of Hashem's majesty. 
That's why we give thanks for each ...favor (my word; kindness) 
bestowed upon us.  For every single step, we say Dayenu -- it would 
have sufficed by itself to give our thanks (attributed to Malbim)."

This does not mean that any one step would have sufficed by itself to 
bring us to our goal.  It does mean, however, that each of the 
happenings of Yetziyat Mitzrayim, Giving of Torah at Har Sinai, the 
travels through Bamidbar, entry of the Jewish People into Eretz 
Yisrael through to the building of the Beit HaMikdash "represented a 
new remarkable miracle -- ...that Hashem need not have performed 
these miracles if he had not seen a particular purpose for each.

So, too, in our time the road continues for B'nai Yisrael. Israel's 
successful bombing of the Iraqi Nuclear Reactor, Gulf War 1, The 3 
1/2 years of the "Oslo" War, 9/11,the continuing US War with Iraq and 
the Roadmap/Seperation wall machinations of the current government of 
Israel ...  -- The physical road.    And the spiritual road to 
Jewish self-esteem??   It is travelled by striving for the perceived 

We tend to function, each in our own domain.  We operate out of 
expediency -- in Davening, at the place of business, dealing with our 
families.  We, in our autos, speed past our brother who has his 
finger out.  We see our brother running to catch a bus and don't make 
an effort, on his behalf, to get the driver to wait that extra 
second.   Instead we give our brother a blank countenance.  We are 
not totally forthcoming and truthful with our brother concerning the 
facts of a business or banking transaction often putting "obstacles 
in the way of the blind" as we grub for that last shekel at the other 
guy's expense.  We give and take bribes, at all levels, if it'll 
increase our personal infuence, our place in history or our position 
on "the bottom line."  And we are totally blase about OUR Land -- 
Eretz Yisrael.  And each group has an agenda working against every 
other group.

And so the old adage that a Government is but a mirror image of the 
people it leads.  I hold that the purity and freshness our 
performance of Mitzvot and our Unity is directly related to Dayenu.  

When we strive to perfect our Mitzvot, when we, individually and as 
Hakahal (as the Jewish people),  reach beyond perception of self and 
of the attainable, when we don't suffice with the "status quo,  we 
will merit  to reach the Ge'ula Shlaima.

With Pesach upon us, we ponder how, after 2,000 years of 
persecutions; pogroms, inquisitions, holocaust, 6 Middle East Wars 
and numerous corrupt governments, the Jewish people have done the 
impossible, the improbable; we've survived.   In light of that, 
successfully possessing Eretz Yisrael on numerous levels, including 
placing a Sefer Torah in a location in Gaza, is not so impossible or 
daunting.  It just takes a collective Tzav Shemoneh, to bring about 
achievement of unity within B'nai Yisrael, for actively possessing 
Eretz Yisrael and reaching beyond one's perception of self.  

If our tefillah is real, genuine and if, when we leave the Beit 
Midrash, we treat our brother as we would want to be treated 
ourselves and if we reach beyond ourselves, beyond the so-called 
"reality" and reach for the fulfillment of higher goals, the 
achievement of the perceived "unachievable"; if we finally recognize 
that the Emet of the Unity of B'nai Yisrael in Eretz Yisrael 
overrides the various agendas, then Kol Goyim are as nothing. 
Instead of an attitude of "my place in history and to heck with you 
because I'm better, more Israeli, more frum, etc. than you;" when All 
Jews, Ashkanazim and S'fardim, Misnagdim and Chassidim, Chareidim, 
Datim and Chilonim, Native-Born Israeli Jews, Olim Chadashim and Jews 
of Chutz L'Aretz truly love each other as blood-brothers, as one as 
in seeing "his success as mine, as ours", "his blood as mine, as 
ours";  only then will we reach the destination of the spiritual 
road, the Moshiach and the Ge'ula Shlaima, bim hay v'yameinu -- 
speedily, in our time", like Achshav, Chik Chukm Meiyad, Etmal!!! -- 
no more Dayenu.

Have a Chag Kosher V'Sameach!!!

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If so, SimchaVort can help.  Kindly send an email to 
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an example, please click on SimchaVort. .


Spotlight on two locations slated to receive Sifrei Torah (with your help! ) ;

Homesh, in the Shomron (Sameria) region of Eretz Yisrael amd is 
located amongst a group of communities including Kedumim, Elon Moreh, 
Shavei Shomron, Einav, etc. which are in close proximity to the Arab 
cities of Shechem, Kalkilya, etc.  The Yishuv has many Russian olim 
who have become Ba'al Teshuva in addition to many Dati families who 
have moved there in recent years from other locations.  Upon 
completion of the restoration of  a Sefer Torah donated by a family 
in Baltimore, its placement in Homesh will be fulfillment of a nearly 
5 year old promise to Rabbi Yehoshua Schmidt.  I met Rav Schmidt, the 
Rav of both Yishuv Shavei Shomron and Yishuv Homesh, while living and 
doing Ulpan on Shavei Shomron.

The second Sefer Torah, once funds are raised and the restoration 
work is completed, will be placed in a Kehilla of Yishuv Bat Ayin 
which is located in Gush Etzion.  It will be the recipient of a Sefer 
Torah donated by a student of  the School of Safrus located there.

Just a few words on Bat Ayin.  I visited there recently for the first 
time in many years.  The Yishuv has grown 10-fold in the 9 years 
since The Sefer Torah Recycling Network placed it's first Sefer Torah 
there in 1995.  It was more beautiful then I remember it.  Hopefully, 
I will go there for Shabbos in the near future and will have more to 
write then.

In order to complete the restorations of these Sifrei Torah for 
placement in these two locations, $7,500 remains to be raised. 
Please know that your sponsorship donation or purchase of a S'forim 
or Judaica products via clicking from the ads on The Sefer Torah 
Recycling Network homepage, the About The Sefer Torah Recycling 
Network page or the Judaica Page is an act of helping to unify Jewish 
neshamot of those who have touched, kissed and lained from these 
Sifrei Torah throughout their lives with those yet to touch, kiss and 
lain from them during their extended future life.  By donating or 
through purchasing via the ads on the site, you are taking positive 
action to possess Eretz Yisrael.

In these days where talk abounds about dismantlements, unilateral 
withdrawals and the like, and this talk is seen as a display of 
weakness discrediting our Divine, eternal legacy of possession of 
Eretz Yisrael, your donation insures that needy locations become 
Mokomot Torah and under the protection of Shemayim.   Please make 
your donations by check or paypal -- NOW!


      Inspiring Sefer Torah Stories from 
         Around the World

In the days after the Hachnasat Sefer Torah Party in Givat Nof Harim, 
I've had a number of interesting responses including from someone who 
told me about a gentleman in Baltimore, Md. who rescued a Sefer Torah 
a few years back from a location in the Ukraine.

Below is a Torah story of a 60 year old Sefer Torah rescued after 
being buried in a Gestapo body bag in the Ukraine, approximately 40 
years ago, together with bones of over 200 Jews.

24 Sept., 2001
things just won't stay buried

<http://www.jafi.org.il/arts/2003/oct/1.htm>"I Brought the Torah 
Scrolls with Me From Syria!"  - The story of how a Syrian Jew 
smuggled Torah Scrolls into Israel.

A Sefer Torah Story from "GUARDIAN OF JERUSALEM" the life and times 
of Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld is entitled 
<http://www.innernet.org.il/archives/guardian.htm>"Solving The 
Crime."  Click on the link and arrow down to the story.

Justice"  - between rich and poor, by Rabbi Scheinerman.  A  lesson 
for all of B'nai Yisrael.

                                Sifrei Torah in Iraq

In surfing the net looking for pertinent sites related to Sifrei 
Torah, I stumbled upon this site, which has apparently been inactive 
since fall, 2002.  It is called<http://www.dangoor.com/scribe.html> 
"The SCRIBE" .  You can view the site and it's interesting stories by 
clicking on the title.

                                  More Sefer Torah Stories

I feel that this inspiring story written by Rabbi Paysach J. Krohn 
which appears on the Jewish World Review website bears repeating.  It 
is entitled <http://www.jewishworldreview.com/0403/sole.html> 
"Healing a trampled sole".

But Rabbi Krohn's story is not the only such Holacaust Sefer 
Torah/Shoe story.  The Amcha (Israel Center for Holacaust Survivers) 
site features another such story, 
<http://www.amcha.org/Survivors_Stories.html> "My Shoes", by Rachel. 
Click on the link and arrow down to the story.

Did you know that you can now help in five ways to assist in 
locating donors of Sifrei Torah and raising funds to accomplish our 

1/ Talk to your friends, relatives and acquaintances about The Sefer 
Torah Recycling Network and about the many needy communities in Eretz 
Yisrael who do not possess their own Sifrei Torah.   Many Shuls have 
aging Congregations and Sifrei Torah in their Aron HaKodesh laying 
idle, not being lained from.   Many active Shuls have excess Sifrei 
Torah which are not in use due to restoration work needed or because 
the Shul has newer Sifrei Torah.   These S'forim, if in Kosher or 
restorable condition, are desperately needed by communities in 
EretzYisrael who do not have the financial resources to acquire new 
Sifrei Torah and would greatly appreciate the donation of a used 
Sefer Torah.

2/ Donors in the US, please make tax deductible donation checks out 
to "Congregation Ahavas Torah Tzedakah Fund", with a note on both the 
Memo line of the check and on the envelope "Mark Burt & Sefer Torah 
Recycling Network" and mail to "Congregation Ahavas Torah Tzedakah 
Fund", 1425 Rhawn Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 19111.  Be sure to 
include your address.  Upon request, a  tax-deductible receipt for 
your donation will be mailed to you.

Donors in Canada, please make your tax deductible checks out to 
"JBRASS" (BN#864426911RR0001) and mail to; "The Sefer Torah Recycling 
Network", 46 Meadowbrook Road, Apt. 6, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6B 
2S6.  Please mark on the envelope (and if possible attach a stick'em 
memo to the check) saying "Mark Burt & Sefer Torah Recycling 
Network."   Upon receipt, a tax-deductible receipt for your donation 
will be mailed to you.

3/ Donors can participate in a 
<http://www.sefer-torah.com/sponsorship.htm>Sponsorship Donation 

4/ Donors can make an Online donation via<https://www.paypal.com> 
paypal.  Simply copy the email address; <mosheb at sefer-torah.com>, 
then click on the <https://www.paypal.com/>paypal link,  and paste 
the copied email address
  onto the block called "Recipient's email".

5/ The Sefer Torah Network  currently has affiliations with 
<http://www.artscroll.com/linker/sefertorahnetwork/home>Artscroll and 
publishers, <http://www.cdtorah.com/index.jsp?ref=32&a=0>CDTorah.com 
Judaica whereby subscribers to the Sefer Torah Network News list as 
well as surfers to the  <http://www.sefer-torah.com>The Sefer Torah 
Recycling Network  website can now help finance the project's mission 
simply by purchasing S'forim, Torah lecture CDs or Judaica from these 
publishers and Judaica Suppliers.  All it takes is clicking on any of 
the above links or the links on the website.

The Sefer Torah Network continues to seek affiliations with other 
Judaica publishers as well as with other online Judaica merchants in 
order to generate funds toward defraying project costs.

Please give your Support, Financial Donations/ Donations of 
Used Sifrei Torah.     Make Needy Locations throughout
Israel Mokomot Torah

Other Locations in need of their own Sifrei Torah;

I want to relate to you the contents of emails which have been 
received  describing some of the newest needy locations.

Among the new locations writing of their need for a Sefer Torah are 
Tzur Hadassah -- only a short distance from Ramat Beit Shemesh. 
They lack an Ashkenaz Sefer Torah.  It is a Yishuv of 2,000 people. 
It is popiulated mostly by Secular/Traditional, but has a small, but 
growing religious population.  They have S'fardi, joint 
Ashkenazi-S'fardi  and Ashkenaz Minyanim.

The Ashkenaz Minyan which is in need of a Sefer Torah a mix of Olim 
(incl US, Australia, UK, Swiss, Belgian, France) as well as veteran 
Israeli, all leaning towards Dati Leumi.

In Betar,  the Main Beit Knesset is lacking two Sifrei Torah.  There 
are two other Batei Knesset  which need one each. 

Beitar's Main Beit Knesset's Sefardi Minyan, is a combination of 
North African, Syrian, Yerushalmi, Bavli & European S'fardim. 

The other two Betar Batei Knesset are Ashkenazi/Hassidi with a varied 
mixture of men from all over the world.

In Yishuv Meitzad, the home of the Goldstein family who founded the 
Diaspora Yeshiva in the Old City, in Jerusalem, an AshkenazSefer 
Torah is needed.

In Ramat Beit Shemesh "Aleph", Beit Knesset Kehillat Beis Tefillah 
which currently davens in an enclosed area in back of the building 
next to my building, but who recently broke ground for building a 
Beit Knesset, needs it's own Sefer Torah as the two S'forim in their 
Aron HaKodesh are both on loan.

Also in Ramat Beit Shemesh "Aleph", Kehillah Ahavat B'Simcha, a 
Carlebach Minyan is in need of a Sefer Torah. 

In Jerusalem, Yeshiva Machon Meir is in need of an Ashkenaz Sefer Torah.

These are just a few of the many locations all over Israel in need 
their own Sifrei Torah.  To view more such locations, please view The 
Sefer Torah website.

As one lover of Eretz Yisrael to another, I'm sure that you share my 
wish that every location in Eretz Yisrael, regardless of economic 
means, be Mokomot Torah (a place of Torah).   And imagine the level 
of Kedusha when all of the neshamot who have lained from, touched and 
kissed a Sefer Torah in the past, in it's previous home, unite with 
all of the neshamot yet to lain from, touch and kiss the Sefer Torah 
here in EretzYisroel.

At this time in history, with the advent of the latest Oslo 
spin-offs, "Geneva" and the mis-directed "Roadmap" both of which 
endanger Israel,  the kedusha of Eretz Yisrael, Jewish Sovereignty 
and very survival, we need your help, both by way of donations of 
Sifrei Torah and by way of donations of funds in order to fulfill our 
mission of placing Sifrei Torah in needy locations throughout Israel, 
thus possessing Our Land, IY'H insuring our survival.  We hope to 
raise seed funds in order to set up an Amutah or a Non-Profit Company 
in Israel, to employ Sofrim to restore Sifrei Torah, to locate donors 
of, or economically purchase Sifrei Torah via all medium.   The plan 
is also to eventually establish a 501-C3 Non-profit organization in 
the US and thus establish The Sefer Torah Recycling Network an 
ongoing, serious project.

  Your Support, Financial Donations & Donations of
Sifrei Torah Will Help Needy Locations throughout Israel

Up Close and Personal:

Kehilla Beis Tefillah, Ramat Beit Shemesh;

A link has been added on the links page of the 
<http://www.sefer-torah.com>site for a very special Beit Knesset in 
Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel; <http://www.beistefillah.org>Kehilla Beis 
Tefillah.  Land has been broken, preliminary retaining wall work has 
been completed and the Shul is moving ahead with the building of a 
new Beit Knesset structure to be completed sometime next year.

Ramat Beit Shemesh is the fastest growing community in Israel and 
<http://www.beistefillah.org>Kehilla Beis Tefillah, led by Rav Chaim 
Malinowitz, among it's most dynamic Shuls.  Friends, when you make 
your pilot trips in the course of your Aliya planning, have your 
Aliya date at hand or have arrived and are searching for a wonderful 
community and full-service Beit Knesset (Tefillah, Kesher, an 
outstanding Rav, daily Night Seder and dynamic Learning Programs, 
Avos U'Bonim, Youth Mishmar and American warmth, caring and 
closeness), your first stop's gotta be Kehillat Beis Tefillah. 
Financial donations toward the <http://www.beistefillah.org>Shul's 
building fund are greatly appreciated.   When donating, please tell 
them that you read about the Shul here.

<http://www.qksrv.net/click-1346029-1456053> End High Phone Bills & 
Get 300 FREE Minutes!  Click and see how!!

<http://download.alexa.com/?p=Dest_W_40_T1>Eliminate annoying pop-ups 
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When you signup for PayPal, you can start accepting credit card 
payments instantly. As the world's number one online payment service, 
PayPal is the fastest way to open your doors to over 31 million 
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sign up or learn more, 
<https://www.paypal.com/mrb/pal=ATZYBT5MUBSA2>click here.
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Subscription is accomplished simply by either viewing 
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